Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove, 2-Piece Solid Web, 12 inch, Left Hand Throw

Best 12 Inch Youth Baseball Glove

You may think choosing the right baseball glove is so easy as this is just a piece of leather. But things are not that simple. Your overall performance and the protection of your hand are mostly dependent on your choice.

You will find a lot of baseball gloves available on the market are made from different materials having different qualities to buy. But which one is best for you?  So, you need to consider the size of the glove, the material it is made from, and how it is constructed, also need to consider your budget.

As you are looking for the 12-inch glove, we have arranged this article in a way so that you can know everything you need. We also recommend some best 12-inch youth baseball glove and hope that the following will help you to make decisions easier.

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Review of 5 Best 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

In this part, we’ll take a look at 5 of the best ones on the market today. We’ll discuss their features, pros, and cons, and ultimately help you decide which one is right for you. So read on to learn more about these amazing gloves!


1. WILSON 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove



The company WILSON is well known for providing sporting goods. One of the most popular item from them is A360 12-Inch Baseball Glove. WILSON used Synthetic leather for Manufacturing it. It can be opened and closed very easily because of this material type. Also, Polyester is used on its outer surface.

A360 glove series is perfect for the beginner. It is designed for youth players and is suitable for the ages 11 & up. The web pattern of the glove affects the glove’s weight, flexibility, and visibility.  The web pattern type is a two-piece web allowing them to hide the ball and hand in the glove with an open back. It is a very common choice for pitcher players. Again, if you want a heavier glove, you can try a Two-Piece closed Web.

The Shell consists of CarbonLite which provides many facilities by reducing the weight and retaining its durability. Carbon Lite Shell does not let the colored leather get ruined very early, rather it provides support for retaining a timeless look. With the velcro wrist design, the glove easily adjusts to your hand and retains its durability. This also allows you to control the glove easily.

WILSON possesses a great variation of gloves, that are different in the size as well as arrangements of many colors. So, you can choose as your wish. It is available for all positions like catchers, pitchers, first base, infield, and outfield players. No doubt, its one of the best 12 inch youth baseball glove today. 

It is also designed for both left-hand and right-hand players. You can purchase it, though you have a small budget as it is available at a reasonable price. You will get the ‎1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. The best youth baseball glove is provided by Wilson for any position in the field.


1. Durability: – Wilson products are known for their durability. Whether you’re playing tennis, golf, or baseball, Wilson gear can handle the rigors of competition.

2. Style: – Wilson gear is not only durable but also stylish. You’ll look good on the court or the links with Wilson gear on your back.

3. Performance: – Wilson products are designed to help you perform your best.

4. Comfortness: Its genuine leather with nice polishing will give you the ultimate comfort


2. Rawlings Player 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove


Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Basket-Web, 12 InchCheck on Amazon


Rawlings sporting goods company, Inc. is the Manufacturer of sporting goods in the UK. Rawlings has made many qualities baseball gloves and Rawlings Player Baseball Glove is one of them.

The glove is manufactured with full-grain oiled leather shells that cause for durability and strength of the glove. One can easily make a catch with the Player Preferred Glove series for this soft, flexible shell and lining materials. It’s a lightweight and durable glove.


Player Preferred Gloves are designed for players of various ages and skills. It is great for recreational Slow Pitch for both adult baseball and softball games. The glove includes an 80% factory break-in which means, it is capable of being played right out of the box and requires less time to break in.

Its zero-shock palm padding feature helps to protect the hand of a player while catching. It is designed with a basket web that is easier to close because it has a soft and flexible shell, so grounders and fly balls become easier for young players. The basket web style allows them to hide the ball and hand in the glove. It is designed with all the required advantages that a best 12 inch youth baseball glove is supposed to have. 

This feature also allows the young players to play many different positions on the field. The young players feel more comfortable fielding the ball as a deep pocket is designed on this glove. So, players can shape the pocket as needed. 

The glove easily adapts to your hand and controls the glove because of the conventional back with a flex loop velcro strap design. One can choose their color as color families are available. It is available for young catchers, first base, and outfield players. It is also designed for both left-hand and right-hand players. So, this will be an excellent choice for your kid


1. Durability: – Full-grain oiled leather shells ensure their Durability

2. Style: – You will be amazed at its nice texture, color, and sewing. style

3. Performance: – From customer Review, it is found that Rawling gloves help the youth baseball player do the best performance

4. Comfortness: Its full-grain oiled leather with a soft and flexible shell will give you the ultimate comfort.


3. Shoeless Joe 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove


Shoeless Joe Gloves V-Lace Brown Glove, 12-Inch, Right HandedCheck on Amazon


The manufacturer named Shoeless has been making gloves since the 1930s in Mexico.

The model V-Lace is designed for youth players and is suitable for the age of 11 and up. It is made from 100% soft aged tobacco leather that allows it to break in very quickly and makes them field ready requires little or zero break-in time actually. Its back is kept open by the manufacturer and has a web pattern with a V-Lace style.

The V-Lace webbing style enriches the outlooks, and also helps to control the ball. The pocket allows for quick handover to the pitching hand. The V-Lace webbing also works great for pitchers allowing them to hide the ball and hand in the glove.

The Manufacturer uses lightweight XRD Foam in the palm area of each glove that offers higher safety for your hand. It also facilitates catching a high-speed ball as the XRD Foam receives and dissolves the energy produced by catching. It is now a common feature in all Shoeless Joe gloves. The potential of “the sting” and previously the players felt distressed with their hand for the sting. But now with the newly added feature, it can be reduced the discomfort and being the possible sting.

Shoeless designed the fielder gloves with a large setting and web pocket, that can help to hold the flying balls brilliantly. Shoeless Joe Ball Gloves are designed and organized in such a way that you can take part in the field at any level of play though it looks “Game Worn”.

Shoeless Joe gloves are hand-made and manufactured with updated processing that keeps their figure and structure for many pleasing seasons. It is fitted for both left-hand and right-hand throws.


1. Durability: – Its 100% soft aged tobacco leather makes it super durable

2. Style: – its web pattern with a V-Lace style makes it very unique and good-looking. 

3. Performance: – It is fully hand-made and manufactured that ensuring the highest performance. 

4. Comfortness: Shoeless Joe Baseball glove is made with  XRD Foam and 100% soft aged tobacco leather that ensures comfort when you play Baseball. 


4. Mizuno GMVP1200P3 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove


Mizuno is known for creating products that fulfill the demand of a player who needs to perform in the field. It was established in Osaka, Japan in 1906. One of the best goods is gloves that are available for players at all levels.

The construction material of the glove, as selected bio soft leather that takes the ability to maintain the oil and softness very perfectly with which one can participate in the professional-level games on the field. It is suitable for an average size adult or high school player. The game-ready flexibility and durability are provided by the MVP Prime Series on players’ demand. With a lot of awesome features, this Mizuno Series has an established standing that provides the players with a great combination of presentation and fantastic values.

The glove is about 60-70% broken in so, it is easier to break in. It is available for the third base players, pitchers, infielders, and outfielders. It offers both left-hand and right-hand throws. The basket web style allows them to hide the ball and hand in the glove. This feature also allows the young players to play at many different positions on the field.

The young players feel more comfortable fielding the ball as a deep pocket is designed on this glove. The pocket is centered under the forefinger for attaining the most useful break-in process. Also, you can use this at the professional stage as it offers a lacing with the same durability that’s provided in a professional baseball glove.

The quality of these gloves is great at a reasonable price. It is equipped with an outline and embroidery logo that enriches the outlook of the glove. It allows making a choice of your desired color as different colors are offered by Mizuno. It is easily fitted to your hand and takes less time to break in. It has a nice, deep pocket for baseball or softball. Overall, this is an excellent product.

5. Rawlings R9 Series 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove


Another product from Rawlings is R9 Baseball Glove Series made of soft, durable, full-grain Leather holding the feature of softness, and durability. This feature allows the glove to be game-ready. With these materials, one can easily make a catch. Wearing this you will feel comfortable.

This R9 Series glove is as good as possible for the Player aged from 8 to 14. At first, the glove was only for infield players. But now It is available for young pitchers, catchers, infield and outfield players. It also takes less time to break in. It comes with, already 80% broken in, capable of being played right out of the box. That takes less time for breaking in. This feature makes it very popular. It is also designed for both left-hand and right-hand players.

It is designed to provide Padded thumb loops, reinforced palm, enhanced finger back liners, and a youth pro taper fit with a player of any position giving protection for the hand. So, with a tactical design, you will have a soft, comfortable feel as well as good fitting with this. Also, the pro-style webbing provides hand support for players to throw and garb the ball easily.

There are different fits and glove patterns available for this product. You cannot find such a nice product with less price on the market. The R9 Series is really appreciated for its useful act over other brands. I hope you understand why we enlist it in our top five list of best 12 inch youth baseball glove. 


Buying Guide for 12 inch youth baseball glove

Selecting a good baseball glove is very important if you want to be a successful gamer. So, you need to choose a perfect baseball. But the perfectness of baseball that is suited for you depends on many factors. With all the different brands and styles on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best 12 inch youth baseball glove. 


1.When you are preparing to buy a baseball glove, the first thing you need to consider whether it is comfortable or not for your kid. If a young player feels uneasy to use the glove or loses interest then it will remain unused.

2. Make sure the glove fits your hand properly. The webbing between the thumb and fingers should be snug against your hand, and there should be no excess fabric bunching up around your fingers. There are 8 different types of webs having different features to choose from. By making a good choice, you can increase your performance.

3. Another thing you need to consider is padding. You should also know about the pocket size of the baseball gloves. Padding, as well as the pocket size, depends on which position you play. Gloves are made in a way so that they can adjust with your hand so, you need to consider this.

4. Look for a glove made from durable materials. Leather is the best that provides better durability but some synthetic materials can also hold up well over time. There are different types of leather that affect the price, break-in time, outlook, and durability of your glove. So, you cannot avoid these criteria.

 5. Choose a glove that’s the right size for your age and experience level. A smaller glove will give you more control over the ball, while a larger glove will provide more coverage and padding. Without perfect sizing catching a ball will be more cumbersome. It can be the reason for your bad performance.

6. Look for a glove that has a wide, open palm. The more the webbing is spread out, the easier it will be to make accurate catches and easy tag-outs.

7. Pick a glove made by a company with an excellent reputation as a reputed company because they commonly provide products of good quality. They do not make you disappointed. 


8. Check the warranty offered by them before buying the baseball gloves.


9. Choose a glove with your intended color.


10. You should consider your budget to choose among the best youth baseball glove. The baseball glove made from leather is more expensive than the synthetic version. The quality will depend on your budget.


 Hope that now you will be able to make the best choice for your kid without any confusion.

How to take care of your 12-inch Youth Baseball Glove

Don’t want to lose your baseball very early! If you want your baseball provides services properly for a long time, you have to take care of your glove. Here, we include some guidelines for you that can help you in this matter. 

1. You can follow the caring instruction of the manufacturer if any provided by them. Because they know well about the glove’s material. So, they have their own ways that they recommend to clean and conditioning the glove. You should prefer this first as they assure you the best way of taking care of your glove.


2. Make sure to clean and condition your baseball glove regularly. Dirt and dust can build up and cause the glove to wear out more quickly. You should be careful of using cleaners and conditioners. Use a light brush for brushing away dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth and some warm water to remove the cleaner from the glove, then let it air dry. 


3. Don’t store your glove in direct sunlight or in a hot place, such as near a stove. The heat can damage the leather and make it fragile. The leather can also lose its property. Keep it in a cool and dry place so that it cannot get hot and wet. If it gets wet then dry it off with cloth but do not use heater. It will crack the leather.


4. Don’t use any kind of oil or cream on your glove. These products will make the leather slippery and could cause it to break down over time. Condition with a lanolin-based product


5. Be careful about breaking in your glove. Don’t make a hurry with this. When you buy a new glove, you need to break in making it game ready. You have many ways to do this. But the only preferred way to break into it naturally is: Keep going with your new glove which means start playing with this through catching and throwing the ball. It can take a long time but you should do it with patience as long as you feel easy using this glove. In this way, the glove will automatically be broken in.


6. You should maintain the proper shape of the baseball. By shaping or reshaping you can maintain this. Shape or reshape your baseball at least once a season by using the kit Web game glove care.


7. Check and repair your laces daily. Inspect whether the laces are broken or not. Make sure that the knots are tight enough. If you face any problem with these things, then repair them as soon as possible.

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