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5 Best Baitcaster reel for light tackle | 2021

Baitcaster reel and spinning reels both are popular among hunters because of their distinctive features and key differences. As you are reading this, you obviously are a Baitcaster lover.

Here we have summed up the top 5 best Baitcaster reel for a light tackle from hundreds of brands to make your purchase hassle-free and to ensure your winning. In this article, we also talked about some frequently asked questions about baitcasting reel focusing on light tackle that you truly need to know.

What is a Baitcaster Reel and why is it suitable for light tackle?

Baitcaster reel is a little fishing gear consisting of a rolling spool, a trigger handle. Spool and trigger 2 are placed above or below a casting rod. Baitcaster reel and spinning reel are the two types of reel available. 

In the bait caster reel, the spool and trigger are placed on top and are the exact opposite of the spinning reel. In the Baitcaster reel, the spool and trigger are placed on the bottom.

Most of the fishing enthusiastic love light tackle as this brings a sporty feeling to them. It took some effort while fishing. You literally have to fight with the fish, letting the fish have some chances to move and run. Thus you can play with the fish having some thrills and adventures.  

In a Baitcaster reel, you can hold the heavier lines, cover a long distance, and can handle heavier fish as it has stronger drag capabilities. That’s why the Baitcaster reel is perfectly suitable for light tackle.

Top 5 Best Baitcaster reel for light tackle

Cadence CB5 Baitcasting Reels

Cadence CB5 Baitcasting Reels made of Carbon Fiber with  8 Corrosion Resistant. It also has side plates and the Gear Ratio is 6.6:1. The price range is also reasonable.


  • Light-weighted as Frame is made of Graphite
  • Perfect gear ratio for best control it
  • Fishing with fun and comfort as it’s your  palm-sized 
  •  Provides ultimate  fishing with fun and efficient performance because bait caster is designed with a high-speed line to retrieve with smoothness
  • Aluminum spool and spool tension knob are used.
  • Includes 8 ultra-smooth and Corrosion Resistant Bearings
  • 6.6 gear ratio provides faster retrieves while fishing


  • Less durability 

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 C

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 C is specially made for saltwater fishing applications. The product dimension is  8 x 6 x 4 inches. Weight is 1 pound. Synchronized level wind systems are also included for a smooth fishing experience.


  • Best in Quality
  • Provides smooth performance and fun while fishing
  • Super durable fishing reels for especially saltwater fishing
  • Built-in the multi-disc drag system
  • Can maintain consistent pressure for 6-pin centrifugal brakes
  • Provides line lay for Synchronized level wind system attached in it


  • The price range is high
  • Pretty much heavy

RUNCL Baitcasting Fishing Reel

RUNCL Baitcasting Fishing Reel is one of the best fishing reels with high quality and reasonable price.It’s design includes Magnetic Brake System with gear ratio of 7.5:1. Handle length is 4inches which enhance  the performance of fishing.


  • Smooth functioning  provides its 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings system
  • Easy to cast control for 5 magnet beans in the magnetic brake 
  • Gives you stable and smooth operation.
  • If casting into the wind  it helps to reduce bird nests
  • Stable and durable for aluminum  alloy spool
  • It’s suitable for both heavier lures and lighter lures
  • Its large handle is useful for adults as it saves effort also it is effective for tournament anglers on a budget.


  • Handle length is large, may not suitable for kids
  • Little bit heavy

Kalex 1499519 XL2 Low Profile RH Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Kalex 1499519 XL2 Low Profile RH BaitCasting Fishing Reel is designed with 6. 4: 1 gear ratio. Graphite side plates are used and dimension is 9.8 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches.Weight is 11.2 ounces with reasonable price range.


  • Quality is good
  • The price range is reasonable
  • Provides smooth retrieval with  11 ball 
  • Gives consistent drag pressure by Rulon drag system 
  • Graphite side plates  used in its design for increasing strength as well as reducing  weight
  • 90mm handle  gives you smooth and comfortable fishing experiences
  • EVA knobs provide comfort and maintain your control


Less durable in salt water applications

Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel CW-453D

Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel CW-453D is designed with side plates. Though its price range is in the high to mid range but quality is good.  Its dimension is 8 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches while weight is1.36 pounds.


  • It is designed with corrosion-resistant frame so quality is so good
  • Built in Multi-disc as well as carbonite drag System
  • Aluminum handle arm provides stability and durability 
  • It provides smooth and efficient performance with its Ergo grip handle knobs


  • High price range
  • Weight is pretty much heavy

Advantages of Baitcasting Reels?

  • Baitcasting reel is more popular for some of its advantages like:
  • Affordable price with good quality
  • Best for beginners to pro fishermen
  • Provides better line control
  • Gives you a more efficient and comfortable fishing experience
  • As spool and trigger are placed on the top so that maintenance and controlling is easy
  •  Provides you faster retrieval as it has an effective gear ratio.
  • It can cast large, hefty, or significant like almost anything.
  • You can customize your approach to fishing by changing your preferable hand
  • Light-weighted
  • Durable and stable
  • Best for catching large fishes
  • Provides perfect gear speed
  • It  gives  you casting accuracy with the highest level

Baitcasterer vs spinning reel pros and cons

Basic differences with pro and cons of Spinning and Baitcaster reels are as follows:

DesignSpool and trigger are at the topSpool and trigger are at the bottom
Experience levelBeginners High level
Spool typeFixed upright and openInline
Backlash riskLow Higher than spinning
Line CapacityMediumHigh
Gear ratioLow to mediumHigh
SpeedMedium speed High speed
DurabilityLess than baitcasterMuch Higher 
Fish sizeSmall to mediumLarge size
Lure typeLight weighted Heavy weighted
MaintenanceEasyHard than spinning
PriceLow to medium rangeMid to high range
Casting distanceAverageHigh
WeightLightHeavier than spinning

How to choose the best baitcaster reel for light tackle?

Some properties should be followed to choose a baitcaster reel for light tackle such as:

1.Manufacturer: Buy a re-known company’s manufacturing reel for ensuring good quality materials

2. Gear ratio: Gear ratio should be 5:3:1 

3.Spool material: Spool material should be aluminum alloy spool to choose for light tackle

4.Breaks: Choose centrifugal brakes for proper controlling.

5.Ball Bearings: 6 stainless steel ball bearings must have with a baitcaster reel

6. Easy to use: try to choose such types that are easy and comfortable to use.

7.Light Weighted: Reel must be light weighted

8. Performance: Ensure it gives you best and efficient fishing experiences

9.Durability and stability: For a long-lasting reel, you should choose the most stable and durable one.

10.Price: Reasonable price with best quality

What is the best gear ratio for saltwater fishing?

Short Answer:  5:1 gear ratio.

Baitcaster reels with any ratio are not suitable for saltwater fishing. For saltwater applications, bait casters are made with a special ratio. The most common ratio is 6.4:1.

But for saltwater fishing 5:1 gear ratio is perfect. As 4:1 the gear ratio is slow for fishing, on the other hand, 6:1 is so fast. Baitcasterer reel with a 5:1 Gear ratio provides you the best fishing experiences with efficient and smooth performances so it is the best choice for saltwater fishing.

What gear ratio baitcaster reel?

Short answer: From 4.0:1 to 9.1:1

Gear ratio means how many times its spool revolves with each handle turn. The most common gear ratio of baitcaster reel is 6.4:1. There are several gear ratios designed for baitcaster reels. The gear ratio range is stars from 4.0:1 to 9.1:1. Beginners use a slow gear ratio like 4.0:1 while pros are likely to use a fast speed gear ratio from 7.0:1 to 9.1:1. And for saltwater fishing, the 5.0:1 gear ratio is perfect.

Can you put a baitcaster reel on any rod?

Short Answer: Yes but it’s not recommended.

Baitcaster rods are mainly light and medium-weighted. If you use a baitcaster reel on a spinning rod, it may fall you in trouble because they are much bigger than a baitcaster. 

Moreover, If you want to put a baitcasting reel on another rod-like a spinning rod, you may face some problems in its performance, efficiency, and maintenance.

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