Overview and buying guides for Best Massage Table 2020

best massage table

I know you already have an idea about massage table, but still, you need to read the whole article because here you are going to know something unknown or something very much crucial that you need over and over again to choose the best massage table. 

So, why do you actually need a Massage Table

A massage table is a significant investment for your health and business. Why? Ok, let me clear it. 

A massage table is designed based on the body shape and comfortability of each part of the body. When you lay on it you will find yourself into the pure environment of body peach. 

Best mt are designed waterproof so that the lubricant used during massaging can easily be washed. 

You can arrange your necessary equipment along with the table as there are lots of pockets and holders with it. 

The massage table, especially the electric one, is divided into five parts to ensure the part by part comfort for your body. You can place your different body parts into five different from the table.            

If you are thinking that massage tables are only for taking massage, you are not right. Some best massage tables are used for getting relaxed and taking rest. This is good for your body’s comfort. 

best massage table

Considerations before purchasing


you need to consider two different matrices individually. One is height, and another is length. Height depends on the height of the therapist or the person giving the massage.

It will be a wise decision if you purchase an adjustable table so that you can change the height based on your needs. 

Now, length. To choose the perfect length table, you need to think about your room size and the average size of your clients. From our research, we find that most of the people prefer 30inch. Nothing to worry about the 30inch, still you have the option to choose. There are 28inch and 32inch available in amazon. Also, you can order something customized. 


It’s simple math. If you need to take your massage table in different places you can choose a portable one. Otherwise, take the fixed table. 

But we recommend taking the portable one. It will help you in the future. 

If you think, portable table is nondurable or higher in price; then you are wrong. Our recommended products will help you choose the best massage table. You can put the whole massage table in just a small bag to carry. Don’t worry; you will be provided with a stylish complementary bag along with your product for free.


We will discuss it later part of this article. We have a $50 to $5000 massage table in the recommendation list. But we can trust our recommendations as we have significant research and efforts in it and we always try to suggest the best massage table. 


That is another important consideration before purchasing. You may have different purposes for using a massage table, and you need to consider those to choose your table. 

You may need it for personal use for relaxing, for home therapy, for an old aged person of the home. In a nutshell, you need something with multi functionalities. 

For professional purposes, you need something very durable, for a specific use, quickly washable, flexibility for better service to clients, etc. we have some recommendations. 


That is totally up to your preference. You may choose something very stylish, elegant or something classic.

After-sales service:

It is very simple to face complexity in using the table. You may have some little issues to know, need guidelines and thus you need customer service even after the purchase. 

So, make sure the after-sales services of your brand before purchasing. 


For professional use, we prefer a heavy weighted table for personal use, light-weighted. 

On average, a massage table is weighing in the range of 33 to 34 pounds. It basically depends on the instruments used to build this. 


Thickness of the foam, hardness of the foam,  color, etc. 

Types of Massage Table

We do not find any clear concept about the types or kinds of massage tables because all of the massage tables have common use. But, still, we can classify it into some segments. 


You can carry it anywhere you want. It is easy to fold and into a bag. You can instantly set it anywhere you need a massage. Some users love to carry massage table in seabeach to have perfect relaxation. 



  • portable that means you can move it easily
  • lightweight
  • foldable legs
  • Humanized height adjustability
  • easy to set up
  • premium comfort
  • oil and waterproof
  • detachable accessories


  • Higher price
  • Less durable


Electric massage tables are the automated massage table that contains lots of easily controllable functions. Adjusting height, setting warmth, turning on vibration, etc. are a matter of clicking or pressing a switch. Electric massage table is considered the best massage table. 


  • easy to adjust
  • easy to control
  • electric pedal assist


  • Higher price 
  • Risk of usual electric accident


If you do not need to carry your massage table rapidly and have a fixed place, then stationary massage table is for you. 


  • comparatively lower price
  • Durable
  • Lower price


  • Difficult to move
  • No automation in controlling 

Price overview

An electric massage table generally starts from $400. Yes, some electric tables are available under $400 but we have doubts about their longevity. 

The highest price electric massage table available on Amazon is $5000 almost. They are extremely luxurious. Don’t worry, the midrange massage tables are way better considering the built quality, durability, performance, service, after-sales service, and the price obviously. 

Now come to the portable massage table. The portable massage table is most popular among the users considering its flexibility to move. 

Good portable massage table basically starts from $60. But we notice some customer complains about these products. 

But if you choose something that starts from $80, they are definitely good. Remember one thing, portable massage table needs to be more durable than others because they have to bear lots of moving pressures. 

Stationary massage tables are the most durable table. You can even play wrestling on it ;). Hahaha. 

By the way, the stationary massage table is almost similar in price with the portable one. You may get a surprised 😲 hearing this. It is because the materials used in stationary table are very very strong. 

You can choose your stationary massage from $60. 

What are the checklists before buying the best massage table?

  • Materials used in the table, if it is made of metal then aluminum and stainless steel will be best. If it is made of wood, then check the finishing, quality of wood, well seasoned or not, etc.
  • Weight
  • Height adjustability
  • Portability
  • Foam thickness
  • Repairable
  • Warranty
  • User-friendliness 
  • Noise (if electric) 
  • Availability of parts or equipment 
  • Building quality etc. 

Normal table/bed vs massage tables

This thing can come to your mind that why you should spend some money on massage table if you already have a table or bed that can be used as a massage table? 

A normal table or bed has lots of limitations that make your massaging activities so complex. Some of the limitations are pointed below. 

  • You can’t move around your client easily 
  • No pocket or holder to keep your necessary massage instruments
  • No height adjustability 
  • Not comfortable
  • Foam and fabrics are not waterproof
  • Foam and fabrics are not easy to wash
  • Massage tables are designed based on the body shape of the client

What about the warranty policy? 

That’s a must-have thing to know. Warranty of the massage tables is not the same for all parts. Frame, fabrics, and motor ( for electric one) are assigned with a separate warranty policy. 

Frame: most of our picks of best massage table provide a lifetime warranty for the frame. The secret behind this is that it is very rare to have your frame damage easily. Frame of the massage table usually made with best quality stainless steel, strong plastic, aluminum or wood. 

Fabrics: Some companies offer a one-year guaranty some do not. Nothing to worry about it. The longevity of the fabrics and foam depends on your extra care. 

Motor: one year of warranty or guaranty is usually provided with the table. 

If you have any queries about the health and mental benefits of massage, history of it or some other questions like that, you can check this out. You can check our article on heating pad.

If you have anything to know, please let us know. Our expert members will definitely answer your question. 

Some Questions and Answer

What is the ideal size of massage table?

A massage table can be of different sizes. From our research, we found that the best massage table (standard one)  should be 30 inches in widthand 73 inches in length. But we recommend you to forget about the standard and prioritize your preferences. 

What about the standard height?

Almost all massage tables have an adjustable height range so that you can set it based on your size or need. The common height range is between 60 to 80 centimeters. With an electric massage table, adjusting the length of the table is a matter of pressing a switch. 

How much does it cost?

In Amazon, we find a price range from $50 to $5000 of massage table. Price varies based on features and functionalities.

How much weight does a massage table can bear?

That’s a good question. You should know the capacity of your table. The average weight that a massage table can bear is 500+ pounds. Some of the tables can bear more, some others can bear less. It depends on the materials used in the table.

What if I purchase a cheap massage table?

You may have temporary use and durability is not that important but still, we never recommend a cheap one. u003cbru003eA well-designed message is made considering the ultimate comfort of the user. It will take care of your body parts individually. Cheap massage tables can cause many unusual accidents like an electric shock, breaking suddenly, making rush noise, etc. From our experience, the best massage tables start at $150.  


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