best women’s wetsuits for surfing

Best Women’s Wetsuits For Surfing

Surfing without protective suits can be a great threat to you. You easily can get a cold fever because of surfing in the cold water, thus you may have pneumonia. Besides, colder water contains lots of hidden bacterias, and surfers are more likely to being colonized by bacterias than the non-surfers. 

A perfect wetsuit can protect you from all those threats. 

Wait! not all surf wetsuits are suitable for women because they have a different body shape other than the man. 

In this article, we come with 5 best women’s wetsuits for surfing that truly perfect for quality, design, and obviously well worth your money.

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Top Best women’s wetsuits for surfing

We have worked for more than 48+ hours to find the most suitable surfing wetsuit for you. We have considered some factors like thickness, wetsuit technology, design, and unique styles, either it can protect harmful rays or not, thermal insulation, body insulation, fast dying capacity, protective layer, customer service, and finally the price point so that you can make a hassle-free purchase decision. 

Realon Women’s Wetsuit

Realon women’s surf wetsuit is perfect for surfing, scuba diving, swimming, etc. It will keep you warm in any water temperature and protect you from hypothermia in cold water. This full length diving suit is made of stretchable material that will form to your body perfectly. It contains elastic fabric, knee pads, 10V heavy-duty back zipper.  

If you are conscious about the wetsuit style and its color, then Realon can be the perfect choice of you because it is available in different colors. The elastic fabric will give you more resistance and water bounce in water, the flexible knee pads will minimize scraping and 10V heavy-duty zipper will prevent your body from slipping. 


  • Perfect for any water temperature especially in cold water
  • It will fit well around the neck, ankles, wrists, arm, and leg
  • Double seal neck closure will prevent entering the water inside 
  • East to put on and easy to put off the process
  • As the wetsuit is made of stretchable body-friendly material, it will be comfortable for any size and body weight
  • Reasonable price


  • Neck may seem tight for the first few days  
  • The threads can loosen up with the passing time

Seavenger Navigator Shorty Wetsuit

If you are a surfing lover girl and usually surf in comparatively little colder water or in warmer water, then this stylish short sleeves wetsuit can be your best choice. Let’s check out more about it to find the reason for listing it in our top best women’s wetsuits for surfing. 


  • The wetsuit is thick enough to give you a good resistance underwater
  • It will perfectly keep your body warm in cold water
  • This wetsuit will protect your skin from sunburn and underwater injury
  • You will get a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like it


  • The wetsuit contain little chemical smell
  • The zipper can break because of rough use 

NepoSkin Skin Women’s Wetsuit for Surfing

NepoSkin Skin women’s wetsuit is mostly popular for its stylish design and color. This full suit is made of 90% neoprene and 10% nylon. The nylon fabric is super stretchy and elastic which made the wetsuit flexible for any water sports, surfing, diving, and swimming. 

The wetsuit is 2mm thick and consists of thumb holes, foot straps, back streamer zipper, and durability with 4 thread flatlock stitch. This thicker wetsuits will keep your body warm even at 75℉- 85℉ during the whole surf session and you do not need to be worried about cracking. 

You definitely will love the wetsuit style and color. That’s the reason we enlist NepoSkin skin women’s wear in our top 5 list of best women’s wetsuits for surfing.


  • It can be a perfect choice for thermal underneath
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • The stretchy material will not restrict your movement underwater
  • The size chart of the product is accurate
  • It will give a stylish look to the curves of your body 
  • It is not an expensive wetsuit according to the product quality
  • It is also available in bright colors
  • The product is very easily washable


  • The zipper can break through rough use

CtriLady Wetsuit for Women

If you are simultaneously a fashion lover, style-conscious, and quality conscious then CtriLady wetsuit can be the perfect one for your water surfing.  This beautiful diving gear is made of 100% nylon in the inner layer and 100% neoprene in the outer layer and those materials make the wetsuit completely comfortable uniquely for women. 

This wetsuit contains a back zipper, stylish logo, scoop neck, high-quality neoprene, long sleeves, and short trouser which will give you a stylish and slimmer look. The waterproof neckline cuffs will maintain your body temperature in cold water temperatureand the neoprene fiber which is made of 3 layers of composite fiber will give high elasticity and comfortable fitness. So, it can be a good choice for surfing, water sports, diving, paddling, and so on.

This is the ultimate winner of our top list of best women’s wetsuits for surfing. 


  • It will give you comfortable fitness
  • High-quality fabric will keep you warm in cold water
  • The price is reasonable
  • It will cover your arm and thighs which will protect you from sunburn and any injury underwater
  • The wetsuit is only 1.5mm thick which will give you a slim and fashionable look
  • The wetsuit is very easy to put on and put off


  • You cannot iron the wetsuit
  • You cannot use washing machine for washing or bleach to clean the wetsuit

Rip Curl Dawn Patro Women’s Wetsuit

best women’s wetsuits for surfing

Rip curl dawn patro wetsuit is made of E5 neoprene, which will deliver comfort and there are also 3 holes for the drainage system which will make it easy to escape the excessive amount of water. 

This wetsuit is very lightweight, super stretchable and you will get enough resistance underwater which will give you the freedom of movement. Theiss chest zip wetsuit contains 3 / 4 zip which will maintain your body heat while you move for the cold water. The rip curls will help your great performance and durability obviously. 


  • Great flexibility for padding, diving, water sports, etc.
  • Water penetration gets minimized because of glued seams 
  • E5 tapes maximize durability at the critical stressing point and E5 neoprene will give sun protection
  • The chest zips provide easy put on and easily put off
  • Comfortable for any size and weight


  • The neck portion can be felt a little tighter for some users 

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Best Women’s Wetsuits For Surfing

Why do surfers wear wetsuits?

best women’s wetsuits for surfing

Surfers wear wetsuits during surfing, scuba diving, paddling, etc. because these surfing wetsuits are very light and flexible.  

While surfing in cold water, your body temperature can go down and you can get hypothermia. To get rid of those unwanted conditions, wearing a surf suit can be the best option for you while surfing. 

A wetsuit will maintain your body heat under cold water and give you excellent body insulation. A  full wetsuit will absorb the water temperature which will give you a comfortable environment while surfing. 

Different types of wetsuits are designed according to serve different purposes, sizes, and weights. Surfers wear wetsuits because it works like a second skin that saves them from numbness, allergy, and different types of infections because of cold water. It also protects the surfers from different types of injury underwater. 

Wetsuits contain chest and back panels that block the wind and also do not disturb their range of motion. Thicker wetsuits also help the surfers to float and give them better resistance. 

Wetsuits are not like triathlon suits. They are more durable and give more speed and resistance than triathlon suits. These wetsuits also save the surfers from ultraviolet rays, sunburn, and harm from marine organisms.

What Type of Wetsuit Do I Need?

You should choose a wetsuit based on the water temperature you want to surf and your comforts.  

When you are sure about the temperature, now you need to choose the thickness you need, design, durability, materials (some of you may have an allergic problem in some special type of materials), and finally the comfort, obviously. 

You can also keep in mind some facts such as wind speed, your skin sensitivity, the temperature of the wind, entry system and water, etc. while buying a wetsuit. 

It is quite confusing to choose the perfect and best women’s wetsuits for surfing. Some wetsuits are thick, some are light some are made of neoprene or nylon, some can have zippers and some are zippers less. 

Then what about the full-body wetsuit and short wetsuit or dry wetsuit or even steamer? 

Okay, spring suit or full body wetsuit is basically for extremely cold water. It will cover your full body as well as the entire leg. 

On the other hand, short wetsuits with faster drying time capacity, will not cover your whole leg and have no sleeves. Now come to the dry suits through which water will not move into your wetsuit. 

You should be extra careful about the harmful glue and chemicals used in the wetsuit.

Now its time to talk about the zipper. You may find some zipperless wetsuit where some others have a zipper along with it. Wetsuit with zipper are two in kinds, one has a front zipper where another has a back zipper. It’s totally up to your choice. 

While buying a wetsuit, you should also keep in mind about the stitch of the wetsuit. If you are planning to surf in warm water then you should buy an overlock, flat stitch or flatlock wetsuit.

On the other hand, if you are planning to surf in cold water then you should buy a blind stich, billabong, or fluid seal wetsuit with gloves that will give you additional warmth. The measurement and sizing of the wetsuit should be perfect.

Still in confusion or in tension about the quality? Just decide about the requirements and pick the perfect one from our list of best women’s wetsuits for surfing. 

Do you wear anything under a wetsuit?

You should wear something under a wetsuit if the water is much colder for you. It will give you extra warmth. You can prefer a cozy and comfortable undershirt for you. If cold water is not a big issue, then you simply can avoid wearing anything inside.

Generally, people who do surfing, diving, paddling, swimming, etc. wear wetsuits to keep themselves warm under cold water. It can be their personal choice if they want to wear anything under their wetsuits or not. 

If you don’t want to wear anything inside, there is no big issue except the colder temperatures. Besides, some of you may find it uneasy for the first few minutes, then it will be okay.

If your wetsuit is chafing then you may feel a little uncomfortable. You can wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit. Btw, it’s not for men ;). 

What colors are sharks least attracted to?

Sharks do not like bright colors such as red, yellow, etc. They become very attracted to the yellow. So, it is safe to avoid those colors.

When you are surfing in the sea, you can’t ignore the possibility of facing sharks. 

At that time if you are wearing a bright color wetsuit, then it’s become very easy for them to spot you and thus attack. So, instead of wearing bright colors, you can wear gray, black, etc. colors and you can also avoid any shiny materials.

Sharks sometimes become afraid of dark colors. So, it is safe to wear a dark color wetsuits.

How to wash a wetsuit in a washing machine?

You cannot use a washing machine to wash a wetsuit. You have to use cold water to wash a wetsuit. You can also use a special type of wetsuit cleaner like O’Neill, Drainbo Pau Pilau, Jaws Slosh, etc to wash wetsuits. Then rinse your wetsuit and keep it to get dried.

Lazy people just like me may think, why not using some hot water, washing machines, and some detergents wash a wetsuit? Why you people are making it so complex?

Wetsuits are made with super sensitive materials to maintain a comfortable temperature range and prevent water from entering. That’s why you have to treat it in a special way while cleaning it. 

Your surf session, clean it as far as possible with cold water. You can use some shampoo if it gets dirty. There are some special wetsuit cleaners available in amazon. You can try one of them to wash. 

Some people also iron their wetsuits. Stop doing this to ensure the longevity of your wetsuit.   

On top of all, the longevity of your wetsuit depends most on choosing the quality and durable wetsuits. If you don’t have time or patience to research, just any of the suit from our list of best women’s wetsuits for surfing. 

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