Coronavirus live update & Everything about COVID-19

coronavirus live update

As you already know about the breathtaking news about the growth of Coronavirus. On our website, we set this small tool of Coronavirus live update so that you can be more careful and conscious about the rapid and dramatic growth of this virus.

Coronavirus Outbreak/Coronavirus live update


carefully observe the Coronavirus live update and be conscious. Stay at home, wash your hand and use masks.

Countries around the world are getting locked down, people are losing their friends and family members who are infected and thus dies and also losing the job. The world is going to a dangerous and dark future with the black claws of Corona Virus. people all over the world are searching for coronavirus cure… but the heartbreaking news is still there is no effective coronavirus cure. The doctors, researchers, scientists and all the members of WHO and other health caring organizations are trying their level best to make the antidots for coronavirus.

The generic name of this virus is Covic-19 and it was first discovered in the Wuhan state of China. People of this state call this virus as Wuhan virus. Some people blamed the bad food habits of Chinese are the main reason for this virus. They used to eat live animals like bat, rats, snakes and some dangerous animals like dog. But medical experts rejected that claim. The US government claimed that Covic-19 is a genetic arm of the Chinese government produced in the lab of Wuhan state, although the Chinese government rejected this claim as well. Whatever the reason is, the ultimate truth is is is more dengarious than we can imagine and we all should be careful to save each other as well as the whole world. Following the Coronavirus live update from our website, we easily can see the coronavirus outbreak around the world and the cruelty of this virus.

Coronavirus Cure

We already said that still there as no effective cure for coronavirus. The researchers are trying their best to invent it. But we can save from it by taking some prevention activities like:

  1. Staying at home
  2. Do not mix with people
  3. wear mask all the time
  4. Have a gap of at least 3 meters among the people
  5. Taking vitamin C
  6. Test if you have any symptoms
  7. Wash your hand with soap or sanitizer
  8. wash your clothes rapidly
  9. wearing gloves
  10. creating awareness among your surroundings. Remember, if they are infected, it easily can catch you

Coronavirus Mask

Mask is the most wanted thing people need to prevent coronavirus. The price of masks are increased in a dramatic way due to the dramatic demand for mas. Don’t worry, we are not going to discuss the mask, or making an attempt to sell masks, we will clear the type of mask and which one is suitable for you. Hope you will find the most suitable coronavirus mask.

  1. Surgical face masks
  2. Respirators like N95
  3. Dust preventing mask

Here, surgical mask is best suitable for you, but the problem is, it is temporary and you need to change it over and over again.

N95 is extremely professional and it is not for normal uses. It can prevent any sort of germs but you can’t take breath easily with N95.

Dust preventing masks are most available, those are not that much capable to prevent all sorts of germs. To know more about masks, you can read this article.

Coronavirus Effects

Due to corona infections. your lungs can be damaged and thus your respiratory systems will be hampered. The ultimate coronavirus effects are death. Statistics said. people with an age of above 50 are more vulnerable to death than the young peoples. initially, the infected person will have a cold fever, cough and respiratory problem

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