Top7 full body massage chair review-2020

full body massage chair review

A full body massage chair is specially designed for a part by part easy massage therapy for the human body. It will create easy and comfortable access to the head, body, shoulder, back. In an electric massage chair, recipients can enjoy some electric vibration, warm relaxation, and easy adjustability. For taking quality and quality nap, massage chair is popularly used in different offices. In our article on full body massage chair review, we have included the most preferred and must-needed information that you should know before using it. 

Top 10 full body massage chair reviews

OOTORI Full Body Air Massage   chair 

After a busy working day or during some heavy stresses, this full-body massage chair can be an amazing tool to get you relief. We choose this chair considering some of its outstanding features like:

  • 3D massage: it’s an amazing 3D massage system that ensures in-depth massage of the whole body. Its inflatable restraint system will give you extra comfort and effective massage.
  • L-track: It’s L-track system ensures equal comfort of the curved spine of the human body. 
  • Zero Gravity: we already describe the zero-gravity feature. It will help lift your feet to the same level as your heart minimizing the pressure of gravity. 
  • Lower back heating: it ensures the blood circulation of the body parts and enhances the massage experience. 
  • Skin-friendly leather: the chair is covered with skin-friendly high-grade artificial leather that ensures high-end comfort of your body. 
  • FDA approved
  • 3 years of warranty

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Relaxonchair MK-II Plus

This is the ultimate winner of all picks considering the quality, price, and effectiveness of the massage.  

  • But Lock L-track
  • Deep tissue massage: they claimed that it’s special deep tissue massage system will give you a human-like massage experience ensuring parts by parts massage. 
  • Soft Grained synthetic leather
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Automatic Program: This massage table is designed with four automatic systems for humans like massage. 
  • Air cells: it’s the vigorous air cell system 
  • Manual targeted massage: it’s 5 manual targeted massage feature makes it truly stand out from other massage chairs. 5 targeted areas are Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Shiatsu, & Rolling. 
  • Computerized body scan: its built-in scanner is smart enough to measure the length of spine, setting customized pinpoints to give you a truly customized and personalized massage to enhance your ultimate massage experience. 
  • Remote controller with screen
  • Zero gravity: its 3 points smart zero gravity system make it stand out from other competitors. 
  • Air passage
  • Back heating
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Real Relax Massage Chair

If you care about the portability or easy to move massage chair, this one’s for you. That real relaxing massage has wheels with it for easy to move. They ensure the quality as quality and portability are sometimes contradictory things. Facilities along with this massage chair are: 

  • Zero gravity
  • Airbag
  • Air compression treatment
  • Remote control

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Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

full body massage chair review

Luraco claimed it is the world’s first medical massage chair. Luraco iRobotics is engineered, designed, manufactured completely in American. Those who really care about quality and fond of American quality can be the best choice for them.         

Best part of this massage chair is its handheld touch screen monitor that easily can be controlled by the smartphone. It can save the massage memories of 6 different persons. So, 6 of the family members can use it in a customized way.      

Its multi intensity massage system ensures the customized and effective massage for 6 different body parts like neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet. 

It’s 5 levels of intensity control that is called true 3D features has a range of super soft to super hard. So, it will take care of your body understanding whatever you need (softness or hardness). It is our first winner for full body massage chair review.

  • pause and resume button
  • High-quality Bluetooth speaker 
  • Several language human voice control (English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Korean)
  • Integrated blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • Accurate body shape detector
  • 3 layer foot & calf massage
  • Heating system 
  • Noise reduction technology 

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Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity

full body massage chair review

Still can remember the iRobotics 7? Was surprisingly great, right? Let’s make another boom. Another American giant is waiting for you. 

Size of the iRobotics 7 was larger and spacious which is not suitable for small apartments or people who need rapid movement of chairs. Then Novo XT comes with good news for you. It is smaller than the iRobotics 7 and perfectly designed for a small apartment. A wall hanger along with the chair will give you an extra advantage. 

In iRobotics-7 model, users can enjoy the spine, back and even foot heating system along with the massage chair, in Novo XT, users have limitations here.  It provides heat only in the lumbar area. 

Best part of this massage chair is its adjustable features for neck & shoulder massage with a separate one for back and feet. It is our second winner for full body massage chair review.

And obviously, it is featured with zero gravity for the whole body.    

The company will give you a  5 years warranty.   

 that full body massage chair for you. 

  • Its therapeutic massage system is totally customizable and able to give you an amazing massage experience. 
  • Its L-track unibody massage feature is able to give you a three-dimensional massage experience down the entire length of your back and glutes. 
  • Five intensity settings and three deep tissue massage programs are really helpful for a customized massage experience.
  • Perfect for supercharging daily activities like workout, exercises, and office work. 
  • 35 massage programs make you feel more comfortable and bring a quick recovery 
  • Improve physical mobility especially for athletes and heavy-duty workers and decrease the time of injury recovery. 
  • Regular massage sessions will help improve mental health.
  • Underfoot roller help you increase blood circulation and bringing a charming feeling
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker and USB port
  • Targeted air-cell pressure helps heal specific body parts.
  • Flex 3D massage technology
  • Number heat technology makes you warm and comfortable
  • Space-saving design

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Infinity IT-8500

full body massage chair review

If you are very much aware of the true massage experiences with lower budget, then this one is just for you. The secret behind it’s the lower price is it’s manufacturing country. Yes, you are right. This chair is made in China. But they are 100% confident with their quality. Some of their significant measures are described below:

  • Its decompression stretch technology ensured that airbags grip helped your spine to have better relief. 
  • Its USB sound system is an extras facility with which you can play your favorite music. 
  • Its heating pad set at the back will give you an amazing warm and sensational experience.
  • Two zero gravity points ensures elevating your knees above the heart. 
  • Its spinal correction features help release your back pain. 

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Kahuna LM-6800 Massage chair 

full body massage chair review

 Most of the cases, massage chairs with the best qualities are charged with higher prices that are not affordable for all. If you are just like me, I mean looking for the best quality with the lowest possible price 😉  then Kahuna LM-6800one is for you. 

Best part of this massage chair is its space-saving design. Surprisingly it takes only 5 inches of space to be placed from the wall. 

It is 4 almost cheaper than the iRobotics 7 or Novo XT. So how do they become able to charge such a low price? 

Yeah… obviously, you have to sacrifice some features or extra benefits but don’t worry. Those are really sacrificable. It basically focuses only on the back massage. 

Like other massage chairs, Kahuna massage chair also has the L track feature for ensuring the best massage experience. 

It’s four 2D rollers will give you a sensual feeling of the down parts of your body to your glutes. Two rollers will ensure your foot massage experience. 

You may have a confusion about the massage of the front part of your body as we already claimed that Kahuna is basically focused on the back body massage. No, nothing to worry about it at all. The Yoga Body Stretch facility will take care of the frontal part of your body, spine, and hamstrings. 

Its smooth vibratory function will amaze you and will give you instant relief from stresses and tiredness. 

Hmmm… it is facilitated with almost everything within its lower price. Is there anything left?? 

Yeah! you got this. What about heating therapy? This massage chair also has a built-in heating pad to give you a warm relaxation.         

This massage chair has 36 airbags with a 3-level adjusting facility. It is able to scan your whole body just after your placement. Then it will offer a customized message for you.   

I almost forgot the Zero Gravity technology. Like other massage chairs, it also has that facility. 

 Its noise-canceling technology will relieve you from the cacophonous noises around you.     

We also identified two problems:

  • Leather material seems thin
  • Maybe troublesome for the people with 6+ feet taller

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Handheld Back Massager

If you are looking for something cheaper and need an only back massage then this part is for you. We are here to surprise you with something great. Yes! you are right. I am talking about the tiny handheld massager. Although this is not a massage chair, this tinny gadget will help you have a great back massage withing a lower price.

While whole-body massage chairs can be expensive, you can definitely try something that is more flexible and affordable. For a similar preference, a handheld massager is the best option for you. These massagers can even reach the toughest places in your body and soothe the pain with affordable relaxation. These come in different sizes and functions. Here, you will get the list of top amazing best handheld massagers. So, choose wisely after reading this article in-depth and helpful article

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Top 10 benefits of full body massage chair

Some of you may not know the benefits of using a massage chair. Most of you may know, but still, there are some massage benefits that remain unknown to you. So, here I am to breakdown the benefits of using a massage table with sources and references… But first thing first, in our recommended list of full body massage chair reviews, all of the massage chairs are up to the mark and you will be able to get all of the benefits discussed below.

Relief from stress & anxiety

It works like magic for reducing stress and anxiety. To identify the usability of massage chairs for reducing stress, the University of Miami School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute conducted research with volunteers. 

Twenty-six volunteers were given massage chairs each, and they were instructed to use this chair for 15 minutes, two times per week and it was for five weeks in total. 

On the first and last day, the participants were diagnosed with an EEG (electroencephalogram) test. 

Before and after the massage sessions, the participants were examined with math tests, POMS depression, and anxiety scales, and finally with saliva samples for cortisol. 

P.S. all of the 26 participants were suffering from stress with their work-life, personal life, and a chronic POMS depression. 

The results of the research were amazing. 

  1. Increases in frontal delta power, suggesting relaxation 
  2. Decreases in frontal alpha and beta power suggested enhanced alertness. 
  3. Increasing the speed and accuracy of math calculation than before. 
  4. Decreasing the level of anxiety 
  5. Depression score became lower 

Relief from insomnia 

Some of you may have a little confusion, is a sleeping chair really improved from insomnia? Okay! let me clear it. 

Massage therapy with a chair can improve your level of serotonin. It enhances the level of blood circulation, reduces your stress and anxiety. Thus the quality of sleep will automatically be raised. 

With a full-body massage chair, you can easily get most of the benefits that you were supposed to get from a massage. 

You can check this article on how massage therapy can improve your sleeping 

24/7 Massage

To have the massage with a full body massage table, you don’t need to go to a massage center or hire a massage expert. All you need to do is just lie on the massage chair and relax. The automated message functions will take care of the rest of the things. 

You can get Kneading Massage, Heating Massage, comfortable vibration, footrest extensions, and lots of other benefits from a single massage chair that you need any extra massage therapist to take control of or help. You can do all the things yourself lying on the chair. 

It will save your time, money and also save you from some social and religious complexities. 

Improving Cardiac Health

In research of Swedish Massage Therapy, it is found that massage therapy can improve the Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and inflammatory markers of the human body. 

In our previous section, we already discussed how massage therapy can help reduce anxiety and stress. 

For better Cardiac health, Moderate blood pressure and lower stress are two important things. So, your cardiac health can be better if you take a massage on a regular basis.  

Zero Gravity mood

ZEro gravity massage chair means a special feature of the massage chair that allows you to place your body in the same position astronauts do. 

In some premium massage chairs, you will fill these features. With a zero-gravity position of your body, your blood circulation of different parts of the body will improve faster.  

Recovering from injury

As massage therapy helps improve blood pressure, provides relaxation of the parts of the body, and also helps with heating therapy, a massage chair truly can help quick recovery from injury. 

Improve immune system

First, let me break down some things about medical science…

In human blood cells, there are some white blood cells. White blood cells (Lymphocytes) protect your body from diseases and improve the recovery system. 

It was found on average that a 45-minute massage can dramatically increase the number of white blood cells of the human body. In our full body massage chair review, we choose the best chair that truly can help with all those facilities properly.

Lymphocytes Circulations

We already discussed what Lymphocytes are. Lymphocytes of our body have no pumps or anything to push so that it can circulate through the body. It balances our body fluid and works against infections.

Lymphocytes can only be circulated when we breathe, move your muscles. A great massage chair can help you with that. In our recommended list for full body massage chair review, all of the massage chairs can give you that benefit.

 headache relief

Let me break down some common reasons for having a headache first. I’m not claiming that a massage chair can remove all sources of headaches. Sometimes you may have a headache because of inappropriate physical movements, Poor posture, excessive pressure on your eyes, lower blood circulation, etc. 

You can take a look at the findings in the research published in the International Journal of Neuroscience. They’ve found in the research that a massage can dramatically give you relief from headache By relaxing your body parts, increasing the level of blood circulation, and finally, making the neck and other sensitive parts of the body flexible. 

Power Nap

You are supposed to be familiar with the power naps. It helps you with boosting your work capability by giving your brain and other physical parts a pause. It does not give you just an energy-boost, rather do a lot of things for you. 

If you take a look at the pets of your home, you can see, they take naps four to five times a day. But as a human, we sleep only once a day. The medical scientist Concerned about that issue and recommended their patients to have napped for multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter how many hours you lay one the chair. The matter is the frequency and quality of your naps. In our full body massage chair review, all of the massage chairs are able to gift you a power nap area and environment.

In most of the larger corporations like Google, Apple, Samsung or most of the companies in Silicon Valley, they all have their own napping rooms for their employees. 

With a full body massage chair, you simply can take a nap whenever you want. You can place it at your office or workplace, at your home, or even in your yards. It will take care of the better comfort of your body to have a greater power nap. 


What is a zero gravity massage chair?

A zero gravity massage chair contains special facilities that allow you to place your body as same as the astronauts do. It will make your muscles more flexible,  increase the amount of blood circulation and give special comforts to some body parts like legs with zero-gravity placement.

Is the massage chair really useful?

Yes! Massage chair help improves blood circulation, relaxing tight muscles of our body and give us relief prof stresses and anxiety. This is how a massage chair can help improve our physical and mental health.

How long should I sit on it for a single-use?

You can use a massage chair either for taking massage or simply for napping purposes. When your purpose is to get a massage, you should sit on the chair for 5 to 15 minutes. Because excessive use of heating therapy, vibrations, etc is not always good. But if your purpose is to take a nap or just relax, you can sit on it as long as you want.

What about the price of a massage chair?

Price of a massage table varies because of its special features, technology used, materials, warranty policy, after-sales service. You can purchase a massage chair at $400. The maximum price of a massage chair we found on amazon is $12000 almost. Before purchase, first of all, you have to consider your purpose. If you want something heavy-duty that will be an ultimate massage solution for the whole family members of you, then we will recommend you choose something heavy.

How much electricity a massage chair consume?n

You may be expecting something big because a massage chair is larger in size and it contains lots of electric facilities like heating therapy, vibrators, etc. Some of the electric parts that are responsible for electricity consumption are supply, power circuit board, motherboard, three 110v motors, air compressor, heating pad, remote control, etc. Surprisingly, the minimum power consumption is just 200 watts where a desktop computer consumes about 200 to 400 watts.

Is there any risk of electric shock from the massage chair?

A massage chair is designed in such a way that it keeps all the electric gadgets covered. The materials used in a massage chair are the an-electrical conductor. That means it does not support the flow of electricity. And as we discussed before, an electric massage table, in general, can consume only 200wats. That is not much danger.  But still, we recommend to follow the manuals and check your chair before every single use.

How to reset a massage chair?

Previously resetting a massage chair was very much complex and troublesome because the operation of the massage chair was not so easy. But today’s massage chairs are very much easy to operate and thus, you easily can reset your massage chair. Although the procedure to reset a massage chair varies from model to model, we have identified some common procedures to reset the massage chair.  First, you need to identify the power button from your remote or from the chair itself. Most of the cases, you need to hold the press button for a couple of seconds ( usually five second) to turn on the massage chair. After that, You will have some manues. From those manues, you will find an option to reset the massage chair. Some massage chair have some different buttons along with the body to reset the functions.

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