How To Do A Bicycle Kick?

Get into a position where you are leaning back with your head up and your legs in the air, and then kick the ball with your feet.

In 1954, a 17 year old Pelé scored his first professional goal with a bicycle kick.

What Is A Bicycle Kick?

A bicycle kick is a move in soccer where the player kicks the ball up in the air behind them and then kicks it back down into the goal.

What Is A Bicycle Kick?
In soccer, a bicycle kick is when a player kicks the ball up in the air and then kicks it backwards over their head without letting the ball hit the ground. It’s also known as an overhead kick.

Bicycle kicks are impressive feats of athleticism and skill. They’re often used as a last-ditch effort to score a goal or clear the ball from danger.

Bicycle kicks are notoriously difficult to execute. Even professional soccer players miss more often than they make them. But when they do connect, they’re often unstoppable.

Here’s a look at how to do a bicycle kick in soccer, with a few tips on how to make yours successful.

How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Soccer

Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed.

Kick the ball up in the air with your dominant foot. As the ball reaches its highest point, jump off your non-dominant foot and swing your dominant leg backwards in a scissor motion.

Strike the ball with the top of your foot just as your leg reaches its full extension.

Follow through with your kick and land on your non-dominant foot.

Tips for Success

Build up your leg strength. Bicycle kicks require a lot of power, so you’ll need strong legs to execute them properly.

Doing exercises like squats and lunges will help build the muscles you need for a successful bicycle kick.

Get in position early. When you see a chance for a bicycle kick, position yourself as close to the ball as possible. This will give you more time to get your kick off and increase your chances of making contact with the ball.

Jump off your weaker foot. If you’re right-footed, jump off your left foot. This will help you generate more power and keep your balance.

Keep your eye on the ball. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re jumping and kicking at the same time. But it’s important to keep your eye on the ball and make contact with it at the top of your jump.

Bicycle Kick Example

Here’s an example of a bicycle kick from Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer players in the world.

As the ball is headed towards Messi, he positions himself underneath it.

He then kicks the ball up in the air and jumps off his left foot, swinging his right leg backwards in a scissor motion.

He makes contact with the ball at the top of his jump and follows through with his kick.

The ball sails into the back of the net for a goal.

While most soccer players will never score a goal like Messi’s, practicing bicycle kicks can help you become a more well-rounded player. They’re also a lot of fun to try. So get out there and give them a shot!

Why Is A Bicycle Kick Important?

It is important because it is a move that can be used to score a goal.

In life, there are a lot of things we need to know how to do in order to be successful. For example, we need to know how to read and write, how to do basic math, and how to communicate effectively. These are all important skills that we use on a daily basis.

But there are also some things that, while not strictly necessary, can still be quite useful to know. Take the bicycle kick, for example. It’s not something you’re likely to need to use in your everyday life, but it’s still a pretty impressive party trick.


Why is a bicycle kick important?

Well, there are a few reasons.

For one, it’s a great way to score goals in soccer. If you can master the bicycle kick, you’ll have a deadly weapon in your arsenal the next time you hit the soccer field.

Second, the bicycle kick is a great way to impress people. Whether you’re showing off for your friends or trying to impress a date, nailing a bicycle kick is sure to turn some heads.

And lastly, the bicycle kick is just plain fun. There’s no denying that it’s a cool move, and it’s always satisfying to pull it off successfully.

So there you have it: three good reasons to learn the bicycle kick. Now get out there and practice!


How Do You Do A Bicycle Kick?

A bicycle kick is a soccer move that is used to score a goal. The player will start by kicking the ball up in the air and then using their second foot to kick the ball into the goal.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bicycle Kick?

A bicycle kick is a soccer move in which a player kicks the ball up in the air, over their own head, and then back down behind them into the goal. The move requires a great deal of coordination and balance, which is why it is often used as a show of skill rather than as a practical way to score a goal. However, when executed correctly, a bicycle kick can be an incredibly effective way to score.

If you still have any questions about how to do a bicycle kick, feel free to comment below.

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