How to wash hydro flask

How to wash hydro flask? | Step by step healthiest guideline

Your hydro flask can get dirty, smells bad or be accumulated with bacteria and fungus with frequent usages. So, you need to wash your flask regularly.

Question is, why you need to read the whole article to know this simple issue if you can wash it simply with a bottle brush with soapy water? No, things are not simple. Hydro flask is not just like any other water bottle. You need to follow the standard cleaning method and avoid the most common mistake. So what is the best way? or how to wash hydro flask?

Hydro flask is so popular because of its stylish design, Temp-shield Technology to control temperature, extreme durability, eco-friendliness and for preserving healthy and freshwater.

Before jumping on the body, lets maintain a formality knowing why its so popular?

When think about a water bottle, what comes to your mind is a plastic bottle. According to research by Euromonitor International, it is found that, in just every single minute, people all over the world purchase 1 million plastic water bottle. Is using a plastic water bottle necessary?

Environmentally concerned people always looking for environment-friendly bottles that are reusable and biodegradable. Hydro flask is the best option here. It is 100% reusable, disposable and biodegradable.

Best part of hydro flask is ultra-durable. Most of the cases it comes with 100 years of warranty or even a lifetime warranty.

It is colourful, handy, reusable and above all, it is temperature resistant that means it keeps cold water cold and hot water hot for a long time. The technology used for keeping the temperature constant is called “TempShield Technology“.

The body is made of double-wall vacuum insulation with a vacuum between two walls that prevents heat transfer from inside and outside. Stainless steel is better than plastic bottles because plastic bottles are prone to contamination.

How to wash hydro flask?

Short Answer: You can wash your hydro flask with a special brush using for bottle cleaning, dish cleaner liquid soap or vinegar or baking soda and freshwater.

5 Steps to wash hydro flask

Step 1: Clean the bottle with fresh water first

Step 2:Take a long water bottle brush and clean it with water

Step 3: Take some smell-less dishwashing liquid t or vinegar or baking soda with the brush and wash inside of the bottle. Brush smoothly and carefully touch every affected area with your brush for deep cleaning.

Step 4:Cleaning the pipe is a little tough if you have not any dishwasher. You can use pipe cleaner for this or you can use forced water to clean the inside.

Step 5:Keep the bottle opened in a warm place with open air for drying.

If you do not wash a hydro flask for a long time then bacteria and fungi can accumulate there. Because of the bacteria, the water bottle may experience rusting although it is made of stainless steel.

Anyway, cleaning a hydro flask is not a very difficult task. There are many ways to clean a hydro flask bottle. It is widespread to use a long bottle brush to clean a hydro flask. You can use dish soap with a long brush to clean the bottle correctly.

Distilled white vinegar can also be used as it cleans the surface and also kills bacteria. If the stains are tough then you can use baking soda. The baking soda will remove the stains from a particular area.

For a strong spot, you can use non-scratching cream. Non-scratching cream is popular for removing stubborn spots, rust stains or any other strong spots. But be careful about the colour of the bottle.

Another new and recent solution is to use cleaning tablets. These tablets clean the flask and can remove the bad odour too.

How to clean outside of a hydro flask?

Cleaning the outside of a hydro flask is super easy. There are many ways to do that. You can clean the outside of the bottle with dishwashing liquid and cold water. You shouldn’t use hot soapy water for cleaning the outside because it can discolour the exterior of the bottle. So, use cold liquids.

When cleaning, you should be careful and clean gently. Be very very careful about the colour coat.

You can also use white distilled vinegar. Just pour some vinegar to water and then rinse the bottle with that water. This also removes bacteria from the surface.

For tough stains, you can use baking soda. But remember this can harm and discolour the outside of the hydro flask. You can also use a magic eraser sponge.

How to clean hydro flask without a bottle brush?

A bottle brush can make the task of cleaning super easier but if you don’t have a bottle brush, don’t worry. Here are some solutions for your appropriate cleaning solvent.

Using a bottle cleaning tablets:

You can easily and nicely clean your hydro flask using a bottle cleaning tablet. This tablet has some ingredients that softly and properly clean the inside of the bottle.

You just need to add the tablet and some normal water inside the bottle. Wait for some time as per direction and get a clean and odour-free bottle.

The cool thing is that these tablets are biodegradable which means this does no harm to you and the environment.

Washing the bottle with dish soap:

Dish soap can also clean the hydro flask. To do that you should pour some hot water into the bottle and add some dish soap. Then tie the bottle with the cap. Now shake the bottle for 2-5 minutes and keep the bottle with soap water for more time.

After that, you just remove the soap water and clean it again with fresh water. You can disassemble the flask and clean the flip lid or wide straw lid manually or in the dishwasher. Finally, let them air dry.

Use vinegar to clean and remove bacteria:

Vinegar has acidic property and this property helps to clean and kill bacteria. Even if your hydro flask may not seem dirty still there can be bacteria and fungi.

To clean, take the half-cup (120 ml) of white distilled vinegar into the bottle and then add some hot water. Shake the bottle properly for some time and then wait for 20-30 minutes. After cleaning outside of the bottle allow it to air dry. 

Use baking soda and vinegar to remove the tough stains:

Baking soda has some substantial cleaning property. First, take 3 or 4 tablespoons of baking soda into the bottle.

Then add four tablespoons of vinegar and then add warm water. Now mix the ingredients properly by shaking the bottle.

After that, remove the solution and rinse the bottle properly. Finally, allow the bottle to air dry.

Use a magic eraser sponge:

You can find magic eraser sponge in amazon or local shops. This can be used to clean the exterior of the hydro flask. All you need to rinse the sponge to the water. Then the sponge will become soapy.

Actually, the sponge has some soap ingredients inside it. Now you should wipe the exterior to clean the bottle properly. After using the sponge one time you should throw it away to the dustbin.

How to wash a bottle with stickers in it?

You can use stickers to personalize your hydro flask. There are many types of stickers. It will be best if you use waterproof stickers. So, how to wash hydro flask with stickers in it?

You need some extra care to wash a hydro flask with stickers on it. You shouldn’t use a dishwasher to clean the outside of a hydro flask because the dishwasher can damage your stickers.

Hot water can also be harmful to stickers. The better way to clean the outside of a hydro flask is to use a magic eraser sponge. These sponges are made no harm to your stickers and clean the bottle surface softly.

Besides, you can use dish soap and normal water to clean the outside of the hydro flask. After cleaning, let the bottle air dry. 

What if I put my hydro flask in the dishwasher? 

You should not put your hydro flask in the dishwasher or soak the outside in hot water because the outside of a hydro flask has a colour coat. The hot water of the dishwasher can damage this coat and this makes discolour of the bottle.

Besides, a hydro flask has insulation property. Soaking the exterior of a hydro flask in hot water affects the insulation property. So you may experience malfunctioning. You should not soak the cap in hot water or put the cap on the dishwasher. You should clean them manually in your hands.

If your hydro flask has some stickers then putting it on a dishwasher can damage the stickers too. But the Hydro Flip Lid and Wide Straw Lid are safe to the dishwasher. So you can put them into the dishwasher and clean deeply. 

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