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NOHrD Bike Review-2021 | Underrated

Covid-19 has been rough for all of us, including me. Before the pandemic, maybe I wasn’t the fittest person, and maybe I wasn’t the most active or familiar person at the gym, but at least I was in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

And for the last year or so, being indoors most of the time made me lazier than ever. Unhealthy amounts of binging movies and tv-series, and hours after hours of non-stop gaming, and an inconsistent sleep schedule caused more harm than I thought. And I know you too can relate in a way with my story. Hell, I was only a hamburger away from fat! At least that’s what my wife told me, and it is a known fact that she is always right.

Well, the secret ingredient is – indoor exercise. The first couple of weeks I tried free-hand exercise, which was, you guessed it, going nowhere. So my wife surprised me by ordering a pair of indoor exercise bikes online. And today, I am going to share my experiences with you about how this single piece of home workout machine changed my healthy lifestyle for the better than ever, and why you are going to need it.

NOHrD Bike Review- from My personal experience

Now to mention the elephant in the room, why NOHrD instead of other indoor training bike brands? 

There are a handful of brands that make indoor exercise cycles. Some of them are known for their aesthetic design, some luxurious design, some with advanced technology, some with extreme durability but very few with all in one incredible combination. NOHrD got everything you want in indoor cycles, all in one! 

With innovative design and advanced functionality, NOHrD spin bikes are the only reasonable choice for both professional and personal use. NOHrD bike has durable wooden construction, pioneering performance, adjustable and ergonomic design, cutting-edge technology, all at your fingertips. 

This functional bike has a Planetary gear system and Eddy Current wear-free magnetic brake technology for extra durability and user safety in mind thanks to German technology. Its adjustable handlebars, extendable saddle bars, and competition-inspired seat profile provide you multiple grip options as well as comfort zones.

Still not intimated? Let’s talk about what features it has.

NOHrD Bike Features

ProductNOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike
Made inGermany
Dimension47.24 x 30.71 x 22.44 inches
MaterialWood, rubber, steel
Weight55 lbs ( ~ 60 kg)
Pedal Stroke VariableInfinite
Resistance SystemMagnetic
Pedal Distance SystemHybrid
Body Height range160cm – 200cm
Weighing CapacityMax 200 kg ( ~ 440 lbs)
Maneuver systemRubber wheels
Package Incl.Bike exercise app, battery pack, integrated USB charger socket

An in-depth look into NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike

Rubber Wheels

NOHrD exercise bike features rubber wheels for easy maneuvering around your rooms. These highly portable wheels are made of sturdy materials, so you don’t have to worry about its maintenance that much. Smooth and stable portability will help you store the exercise bike effortlessly. But be aware of the weight distribution of the exercise bike itself while moving it from one place to another.

Adjustable Handlebars

NOHrD Bike comes with adjustable handlebars that let you adjust the height of your handlebars depending on your comfort level. Many people find it comfortable lowering the handlebars, while other people tend to prefer raising the handlebars to a higher position, especially those who are new or pregnant or people with back concerns.

Adjustable Pedal Resistance & Extendable Saddle Bar

NOHrD bike has precise pedal stroke resistance. You can adjust the resistance value by turning the resistance disc while cycling. And there is no limit to how you adjust your resistance value, so you can always choose either a casual cycling or a sweaty exercise routine. It is also very helpful for different age groups or professionals. Also, you can adjust the saddle bar by extending it to a suitable position according to your body size. You can get even a universal bracket with a maximum of 30° angled inclination for effective saddle customization. 

Planetary Gear Technology with Eddy Current Brake System

NOHrD bike promises a life-long cycling companion thanks to its innovative German gear system and wear-free magnetic brake technology. These technical features provide smooth performance overall and guarantee extraordinary durability.

With the inside look, you can clearly see the work of perfectly weighted Flywheel or Disk Wheel1 for greater momentum during your workout, German-made Precision Gear Heads2, built-in eddy current magnetic brake system inside Solid Wood and Steel Frame3 and last but not the least, Battery Pack4 that help transferring training data to your NOHrD Bike App via Bluetooth.

Extra benefits to look for

In case you didn’t notice yet, NOHrD exercise comes with its exclusive NOHrD Bike Training App and battery pack. This app records your cycle performance data, transmitting via Bluetooth, that enables the user to precisely track and analyze performance and maintain accordingly. As it comes with its own battery pack, that means a cordless powering system and therefore, no nearby electric source is needed. No need to worry about any wires while maneuvering the exercise bike in your room.

Also, you can have access to the laptop tray accessory to bring your work while working out. You can also use it for a practical tablet holder to keep track of your real-time training data at a glance.

Wood-Frame Variations

NOHrD indoor bikes are manufactured in 4 combinations of wood materials – 

  • NOHrD indoor exercise bike – walnut wood
  • NOHrD indoor exercise bike – cherry wood 
  • NOHrD indoor exercise bike – black or solid ash wood
  • NOHrD indoor exercise bike – oak wood

All of these wood materials guarantee durability at their highest level, so it is really a question of which color or wood material you prefer.


As far as luxury goes, your exercise companion will need maintenance in its own way. But NOHrD keeps it simple and elegant. All you have to do is to follow up this checklist-

  • Wipe the wooden frame and steel structure with a dry cloth after every routine.
  • Never use oil-based liquid for cleaning up the bike.
  • Do not wipe down the gear region with soap or a towel. If needed, use a dry cleaning brush.
  • Use absorbent cloths to dry off certain areas where perspiration can settle, like handlebar, pop pins, leveling feet. 
  • Inspect every major moving part before starting your regular session. 

Workout routine

Unless you are a gym trainer yourself, cycling without a proper routine or spin bike exercise may or may not have the desired result in the end. So, the best solution to this problem is to take advice from your fitness studio. However, there are some sample workout routines that can help people who are new to this. You can also use this routine workout and see for yourself how it fits for you. 

There are 4 levels of resistance or workout variation for this routine. And the interesting part here is, it is your choice to decide the difficulty levels. The first level of resistance, Easy intensity where you feel you can ride the bike with that level of intensity all day long effortlessly. Then comes Moderate intensity, where you feel you’re on a slight incline up a small hill. Then comes Hard intensity, where you feel the resistance and heavy breathing. Finally, All-out, where you have to give your every ounce of strength to keep the pedal running. 

Now, here’s the workout routine-

5 minEasy (warm-up)
30 secHardx4
30 secModeratex4
1 minEasy
1 minHardx4
30 secModeratex4
1 minEasy
45 secAll-outx3
15 secEasyx3
2 minEasy

*This is a sample workout routine and not recommended for people with injury, pregnant, back problems, or elderly. It is highly recommended to take advice from professional trainers.

Pros and Cons of NOHrD Bike


  • Ergonomic handlebar design
  • Competition-inspire seat profile
  • Planetary gearing technology
  • Eddy current wear-free magnetic brake technology provides maximum user efficiency
  • Hybrid pedals with infinite resistance variability for comforting functionality
  • Made of natural materials with a combination of wood that induces the natural appearance
  • Wheel rubber for easy maneuver and sufficient functionality
  • NOHrD bike training app with built-in battery power


  • A good amount of maintenance is required
  • Wheel rubber may tear off over time
  • Requires a bit of self-assembly for the first time

What is an exercise bike?

Let’s cut to the chase, what is this ‘Indoor Exercise Bike’

Well, it’s exactly what you are thinking of, a bicycle, which works slightly in a different way. It has almost all the parts (we’ll discuss that later) of a bicycle without wheels. It’s also very common equipment in a gym. Traditionally, exercise bikes have long been used for physical therapy, such as cardiovascular therapy, for their efficiency and safety. It provides low-intensity physical activities that help burn calories and keep your sugar levels & cholesterol balanced. 

The most amazing feature an indoor exercise bike has is it can be used by anyone of any age. It has many customizable options to suit your specific need. You can maneuver an indoor exercise bike anywhere by yourself without any hassle. You can set your difficulty level by yourself. 
Maybe you are wondering that perhaps I’m being too modest about how easy to use an indoor exercise bike really is. But as a user myself, trust me when I say – It’s that easy!

Indoor vs Outdoor cycling

Given the situation I am in while I am writing this, It is obvious why indoor cycling is better than outdoor cycling. But under different circumstances, let’s take a look at why it is still better to have an indoor exercise bike rather than cycling outdoors.

Convenience Indoor cycling is way more convenient than outdoor cycling. Indoors, you just hop on and ride a mile or so anytime you want. And for outdoor cycling, you need to dress properly, be ready for weather change, traffic, and so on. 

Difficulty Indoor cycling is always easier for any age group, especially for elderly people. Would you rather let your grandpa exercise indoors where you can always check on him than outdoors? Think about it. Also, maintaining indoor bikes is easier for everyone, even for one’s who can’t ride a bike. 

Comfort Indoor cycling is always more comfortable than outdoors. You don’t have to think about sunburns or windburns inside your home.

Safety Maybe you prefer listening to a podcast or music while riding your bike. In that case, outdoor cycling is not the safest option for you, as you always have to mind your surroundings. 

Motivation While indoor exercising is never an alternative for a gym if you prefer less distraction while working out, indoor cycling has got you covered. Even if you prefer group cycling sessions or maintain programmed workouts, indoor bikes are more convenient. 

As I am being honest here, I have to mention the downsides too. 

Boredom– Indoor cycling can get boring over time, especially if you don’t follow any workout routines.

Cost– In some scenarios, indoor bikes cost more than actual bicycles, even with all the maintenance they require.

Reality Check– You can’t possibly enjoy natural terrains and feel the gush of winds on your face indoors.

Is the NOHrD exercise bike as good as real bikes?

Yes, using a proper workout routine can have the same impact on your body as a real bike

Can you lose belly fat by riding the NOHrD exercise bike?

Yes, you can lose belly fat by riding the NOHrD exercise bike regularly

What is the space requirement for this product?

The total dimension of the NOHrD bike is about 47.2 x 23.6 x 46 inches and floor space is only 80cm x 60cm

What kind of brake system NOHrD bikes have?

NOHrD bikes have Eddy Current wear-free magnetic brake technology.

What type of pedals does the NOHrD Bike have?

NOHrD bikes come with regular hybrid combo-pedals

Is the NOHrD bike easy to use?

Yes. NOHrD bikes are easy to use, for everyone

What about the warranty policy of this product?

5-year warranty for the frame, 3-year for parts warranty

Is the NOHrD indoor bike easy to assemble?

NOHrD equipment is delivered partially assembled. When a small amount of self-assembly is required, comprehensive instruction is provided


There we go. These are all my experiences and experiments with my NOHrD fitness bike.  With its advanced German technology and premium design, NOHrD stationary bikes were actually a no-brainer for my family. It is safe, comfortable, efficient, and natural in one package. 

NOHrD brand is always known for their sleek profile, stable construction & enduring performance of their product. NOHrD stationary bikes are no exception. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep those muscles running, stay hydrated and stay healthy

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