TEAM LOSI RACING RC Car 1/8 8IGHT-XE Elite 4WD Electric Buggy Race Kit, TLR04011

best 1/8 scale electric buggy for racing

1/8 scale electric buggy is a great car to have fun with excitement. The buggies are fast and can be customized to make them your own. These vehicles offer the speed and excitement of traditional gasoline-powered cars, but with much less noise and emissions.

These vehicles are incredibly fast and can handle a lot of terrains, making them perfect for racing. They’re also much cheaper to operate since you only need to charge them up rather than filling up with gas. Some of the features that make these buggies great for racing are their lightweight construction, durable materials, and powerful engines.

There are many different models to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you. But you need to know some things to make a winning purchase. In this article, we have come up with an in-depth review of the five best 1/8 scale electric buggy for racing, the smartest buying guides for making a winning purchase, and finally, some tips to help you make your buggies last longer. 

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Review of 5 best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy for racing

This article will focus on 5 different 1 8 scale electric buggy models that are available on the market. All of these models have their pros and cons, so it is important to decide what is important to you before making a purchase.

Redcat Racing Landslide XTE 1/8 Electric Monster Buggy for Racing


The very first best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy for racingon our list for racing is the Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Electric Monster Truck. In the selection of an RC car for racing, the major condition of it is higher voltage. Because higher voltage or potentials indicates its performance speed. 

This ⅛ scale Landslide XTE Buggy has an RC550 brushless motor along with 1920 kV voltage that designates a quite large amount of energy for a racing car. Moreover, this powerful motor with a waterproof servo and EZ-Run 120a brushless ESC conduct a great combination. 

The operation done by the cooling fan of Monster Buggy during the throttle is also excellent. This leads the motor not to overheat even at the full-throttle moment. Another great factor about this electric buggy is that this Landslide XTE buggy has a 4WD (four-wheel-drive) feature. Therefore, all four tires of your RC will have equivalent torque. So that you will be able to do stunts more proficiently. 

Moreover, it provides remarkably huge tires. On a racing track that is generally rugged, your buggy can lose balance spontaneously while the turns. Your 1/8 scale buggy can be easily destroyed in this case. As big tires don’t swirl often, this benefits the tires of the Landslide XTE to stay associated to the outward while driving. 

You will get it also completely assembled. So, you have to just put in the batteries, charge them fully, and your RC car will be ready to run. So, a conclusion can be easily drawn that you will be not needed to look around for other great 1/8 scale buggies if you have this landslide XTE Electric Monster Buggy for RC racing. 


ARRMA 1/8 Typhon 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Buggy RC Truck RTR


ARRMA 1/8 Typhon 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Buggy RC Truck RTR (Transmitter and Receiver Included, Batteries and Charger Required), Red, ARA4306V3Check on Amazon


The second best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy racing on our list for 1/8 scale electric buggy for racing is the ARRMA 1/8 Typhon 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Buggy. It may be listed next to Landslide Monster Truck but it is the best one between both.

The foremost cause behind this statement is ARRMA 1/8 Typhons speed. This brushless motor has nearly two times higher voltage than Landslide Monster Truck. It has the highest voltage about 3200kv.

Moreover, the motor used in it is Firma brushless motor that can drive till 50+ mph. This high voltage and the brushless feature of the ARAMA motor offer an incredible torque ratio as well as equally implausible acceleration that makes its speed performance more efficient.

The old used brush motors used produce further friction and corrosion that leads to high energy loss. So, the RC buggies that had brush motors were less speedy. Thus, ARAMA Typhon brushless buggy is the fastest and most reckless among most of the buggies available on the market even on rocky tracks. You will notice the fast speed on the racing tracks.

This 1/8 scale buggy is so reckless that it will be pretty tough for any beginner to control it. But beginners can customize the throttle limit at ranges of 50-75% which is a unique feature of this buggy. Apart from this feature, one more feature to notice is the BLX100 ESC (Electronic Stability Control). It will make you ease from losing grip on this fast buggy.

Its skeletal structure is similarly made keeping the fact in mind that the toughness arises in the race tracks. The frame is made of maintaining precision steel, aluminum, and other composite components that offer a great durable RC frame and easy maintenance.

Though it has a slight overheating problem, its transmitter, enhanced dust management, and waterproof receiver box just increase the durability of this buggy in the most hostile environment. 


GoolRC Wltoys RC Remote Control Buggy for racing


The next electrical buggy on our list for racing is the GoolRC Wltoys RC Car Remote Control Drift Car. It is just like a fast and furious little monster of RC cars. It has the fastest entry-level among RC cars anyone will have ever seen.

The GoolRC Wltoys remote-controlled car has a super durable power 20000RPM 550 motors that may be no one has ever thought of, which can make its top speed may be up to 50KM/H. Though you won’t able to get the advertised maximum speed for under $150 it’s a good deal.

You will get a very reasonable and powerful speedy RC buggy for racing by purchasing this. Moreover, it has 60A ESC (Electronic Speed Control) that helps the car to have control on even rough race tracks. The GoolRC Wltoys has a 2.4GHz Radio System with anti-jamming capability that permits to race at a similar time on a similar track.

This 1/8 scale RC buggy has control over a 100-meter distance. It has also an impressive 4 wheels drive that will offer strong power torque. This strong power meaningfully makes the car easy to complete tough moves. But even after all of these advantages, you need to maximize anything more you can simply exchange any of the parts for more improved and sturdier ones.

The most impressive fact about the Wltoys XKS 144001 is that it is made using a high-quality robust aluminum frame structure. This structure makes it fairly unaffected by rolling and crashing giving the car strong stability and durability.

By using heavy-duty metal parts in it the car is quite heavy. But the main fact that you should keep in mind is that a powerful car shouldn’t contain any plastic parts. You will get a standard RC car package including car, remote controller, battery, charger, instruction manual, and a small cross sleeve by purchasing this. This RC car is suitable for both adults and children.


Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado 1/8 buggy for racing


The fourth electrical buggy on our list for best 1/8 scale buggy for racing is Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy. The foremost noticeable fact about this product is that it has a 3000KV RC540 brushless power system.

As we described earlier that a brushless motor can be speedier than a motor having a brush on it. You will get a speed of more than 51mph from this Brushless Tornado EPX PRO Buggy. Many of the other features that are made this car a standard one is its waterproof 60A technology. a 2.4GHz radio system

These great features make this car a powerful controlling car during turns or racing tracks over a large distance. It comes out in blue color with an impressive look. It has also an Aluminum body structure just like GoolRC Wltoys RC Drift Car. Beside, they used molded plastic chassis ball bearings that help keep the light weight.

It has many adjustable features that allow you to tune it to your own driving style and track conditions. The differentials are not gear-based, so they can handle more power and provide better traction. The shocks and suspension can also be tuned, as well as the ride height and toe angle. This gives you the ability to customize the buggy for any track or condition. 

This Tornado EPX PRO Buggy has 4-Wheel impressive independent suspension and aggressive racing tires that makes its turns easier and simpler. It has also 5-Star rims. This RC car contains 7.4v 3500mAh 15C LiPO vehicle battery & LiPO charger in its packaging.

So, it is just assembled and ready to run anytime. Tornado EPX PRO RC buggy will be so useful as a starter car for those beginners who are generally not interested in continual maintenances or upgrades.



HAIBOXING Remote Control 1/8 scale Buggy for Racing


The last best 1/8 electrical buggy for racing on our list is HAIBOXING Remote Control Car. In the battle of being a potential player, the last product is perfect for the beginner.

It is a perfect RC car accelerated by a 390 motor and 7.4V powerful batteries. Though it is a bit less than the first four RC cars it can spread its speed to more than 38KM per hour.

This protector HAIBOXING RC car lets over 30 mins playtime on off-road racing tracks with two rechargeable batteries provided in its box. It has also a 2.4GHz radio-controlled system that can perform 260 feet radio control range during races with no signal interference.

This full-function and proportional remote-controlled car have some subsidiary features such as IPX4 Splash waterproof electronics feature anti-block ESC, overcurrent, and low voltage cutoff safety. As this RC car has also bright top LEDs so you do not have to worry about driving on night shifts.

It is also a 4WD car with high grip tires that gives you great control over it during turns in off-road. It can participate in any type of off-road terrain such as on concrete surfaces, sand, beaches, and also on-road.

This 4WD Sand Rail Buggy comes complete with a powerful brushless motor, a 2.4GHz radio control, and one USB charger, so you can hit the sand or dirt tracks right away. With its durable metal frame and long-lasting batteries, the Tornado is built to provide hours of exhilarating fun. I think you understand the reason behind listing Haiboxing in our top best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy for racing list. 

This 1/8 scale buggy is one of the good combinations of refined materials and decent chassis electric buggies in its price rate. As it has a modular slim structure and detachable roll cage, so it is lightweight yet durable. It can be used by both children and adults.

What is the top speed of an 1/8 scale electric buggy?

The top speed of an 1/8 scale electric buggy will vary depending on the battery and motor that is used. With a high-performance battery and motor, the top speed could be up to 50 mph.

How much does a 1/8 scale electric buggy weigh?

An 1/8 scale electric buggy can weigh anywhere from 1.5 to 5 pounds, depending on the make and model.

How long does an 1/8 scale electric buggy battery last?

This depends on the battery and how you use it.

Buying Guide for 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy

In case, you are an RC enthusiastic or buggy racing is just one of your hobbies, you are here for searching the very first 1/8 scale electric buggy or before purchasing your next best one! There are immense options of different models, unique features, qualities, brands, and prices of electric buggies. So, it can be difficult for anyone to find the suitable one.

It is also very much necessary to get clear guidance before purchasing the best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy for racing as their price can be so high. Thus, you will be sure about your selection of which one fits best for you based on your budget and preferences. We are here for you as your ultimate guide.

Here are the most vital factors you must consider:

  •     Size/scale: For your RC(Radio-Controlled) racing, a 1/8 scale is a perfect size. Electric buggies on a 1/8 scale are not so much small to get destroyed by the rugged tracks, nor so giant to lose the quickness as this is the topmost requirement for participating in any race.
  •     Chassis: Generally, RC buggies with metal bodies have a much high price than plastic ones. As this makes an RC car so it may affect the fast speed. Plastic-bodied RC buggies are mostly light-weighted and more flexible. Thus, they are characteristically speedier than metal ones. But buggies with metal bodies are more durable as during race tracks, they are unaffected by rolling and crashing.
  •     Weight: In the case of buying a 1/8 scale RC buggy, the major confusion arises about its weight of it, as there is no exact selection. Experts say that the lightweight and the heavy-weight buggies are similarly strong. For racing usually, people consider buggies with lightweight and fast speed. But in high-speed tracks with rocks, mounts, hurdles, and other mechanisms it can be hard on your car if you want a lightweight car. And also, it is recommended not to buy a lightweight electric buggy if you are not accustomed to the controls of a quicker one. Since in acute turns, it will be hard to keep balance during racing with a lightweight buggy that is not trained enough. The secure selection will be the one with a bit heavier weight with implausible speed. Thus, still your 1/8 scale RC electric buggy will be speedy even though there will be some energy wasted because of the heavy weight.
  •     Motor: Confusion also arises in choosing brush or brushless motors. Most of the new RC buggies have brushless motors. These are different from the old brush motors that were generally used. The main reason why brushless motors are better than the old brush motors is that they decrease erosion and friction. Thus, this mechanism proposes a lengthier lifetime and also smoother faster performance, more speed, and low energy loss. Therefore, you must consider this fact while buying your electric buggy. But there is a fact that brushless motors are more expensive than motors containing brushes. You must keep your eye on the fact of voltage or power. Because higher voltage will provide higher speed.
  •     Wheel: In any type of racing the other most important noticing fact depends on the car wheel. In the case of 1/8 electrical buggies, there are two types of wheels- 2WD and 4WD.  2WD two-wheel-drive denotes that the torque is large either in the forward-facing wheels or the back wheels. On the contrary, 4WD or four-wheel drive indicates that the torque is correspondingly extended in all of the four tires. So, as a racing participant, you must consider the tracks whether it is on-road or off-road. On off-road tracks, there will be a lot of complications where you have to jump or run over rough roads. By keeping all these facts in mind, one should buy a 4WD instead of 2WD for more stability and durability during stunts.
  •     Appearance and warranty: Maybe a lot of people will not agree with this RC car appearance part. But a real competitor who tends to be a champion must also think about the part. Because a scary-looking monster truck or something else based on your choice will give you extra confidence during racing. Checking the warranty is also a must doing.
  •     Budget: This factor is also should be noticed. The most expensive RC buggies don’t have to be always best for you. Therefore, if you are looking for an RC car with better performance, then you can buy the most reasonable RC buggy that can go to a certain mph.




How to take care of your electric Buggy

RC cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. But many facts can make it prematurely destroyed or reduce its ability. How durable an RC car is, can mostly depend on how much care you put into it. This process is given below:

  •       Read the manual properly: You must read the manual at first that is generally given with your RC car after buying. Before driving you to have to do that first. Everything you need to know about your RC car is given in the manual. You can get a proper idea of your electronics, charging, repairing, etc. by this way.
  •       Charging batteries properly: The first time you buy a new RC you have to charge the batteries fully before driving. Because of the batteries that are given with your RC car, they are pretty much dead in the first place. You should charge them before every time you want to run your electrical buggy. It will give your buggy a longer battery life.
  •       Maintaining proper speed: Most users may want to increase RC cars’ speed by over gearing. But this can be made a lot of stress on the motor and speed controller. This stress can cause extreme heat and can even destroy motors. For avoiding this type of event, you must keep the temperature range between up to 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit by adding a fan, heat sink or not doing over gearing.
  •       Do not run underwater: After buying a new RC many beginners may try to race off-road. Sometimes, an off-road may lead to underwater. Or, being such experimental about the packaging waterproof fact, we may sometimes want to test this fact and drive the RC underwater. But this should not be done by any means. Waterproof fact means that if some water comes into the car the motor or the speed controller parts will not get destroyed by this. They will be okay. Now, there are many more things in an RC car such as screws, hinge pins, driveshafts, transmission parts, bearings, and even tires that are at risk of complete failure to water. So, waterproof doesn’t mean you drive your RC underwater. But for protecting tires during off-road racing or from water, you can put tape on tire vent holes into it.
  •       Proper cleaning: Proper cleaning is mandatory after driving your RC car. Your RC car can get wet or muddy sometimes or during off-road racing. So, after driving you have to clean it up and also dry the car to avoid any type of corrosion or rust. You can take the tires off your car, peel the tape from tire holes, clean it with the help of a towel, and dry all the moisture from inside. Use glue if RC needed to repair. Motors also need to be lubricated.
  •       Don’t do over oiling: The next way people are destroying their RC car is by over oiling. Do not do this type of mistake. Your RC car is not just like your real car. It doesn’t need a huge amount of oil inside the transmission. You just need a slight amount of oil on the gears for coating. Don’t just overfill it anywhere.
  •       Don’t over-tighten hardware: If you need to tight any of your RC hardware then don’t overdo it. If you overdo it this may increase the hardness to remove it later.
  •       Proper steering: For a ready-to-run RC car it has been already set. But you need to double-check when you are driving your RC.

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