How Do Co2 Cartridges Go Bad?

If the cartridge is not properly sealed, the CO2 can leak out and the cartridge will be empty.

CO2 cartridges go bad when they are exposed to oxygen. When this happens, the CO2 in the cartridge reacts with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide. This makes the cartridge less effective at providing oxygen to your body.

How Do Co2 Cartridges Go Bad?

When the cartridge is punctured, the co2 is released and the cartridge is “used up.”

How Do Co2 Cartridges Go Bad?
It’s a little-known fact, but those little CO2 cartridges that power your pellet gun can go bad. In fact, if you don’t store them properly, they can go bad in as little as six months. Here’s how it works:

CO2 is a gas that is stored under high pressure in small tanks or cartridges. When you want to use it, you release the pressure by opening a valve or firing a pellet through the gun. This sudden release of pressure causes the temperature inside the cartridge to drop sharply.

If this happens too often, or if the temperature inside the cartridge gets too low, the CO2 can start to condense into a liquid. This liquid CO2 can’t be used to power your pellet gun, and it can actually damage the gun.

To prevent this from happening, you need to store your CO2 cartridges in a warm place. A good rule of thumb is to store them at room temperature or above. You should also check the pressure of the cartridges regularly, and don’t use them if the pressure is too low.

If you do find that your CO2 cartridge has gone bad, don’t despair. You can usually get it working again by heating it up. This can be done with a hair dryer, by holding it under hot water, or even by putting it in the sun for a few minutes. Just be careful not to overheat the cartridge, or you could end up with a dangerous situation.

What Causes Co2 Cartridges To Go Bad?

The cartridge is filled with a chemical called calcium chloride, which absorbs moisture from the air. Over time, the calcium chloride will become saturated and will no longer be able to absorb moisture, at which point the cartridge will need to be replaced.

The lifespan of a CO2 cartridge depends on a few factors, but the main one is exposure to air. When a cartridge is first filled with CO2, it’s under high pressure. Over time, the CO2 starts to leak out of the cartridge and the pressure decreases. Eventually, the pressure gets so low that the cartridge is no longer effective.

CO2 cartridges can also go bad if they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. If it’s too cold, the CO2 can freeze and expand, damaging the cartridge. If it’s too hot, the CO2 can turn into a gas and escape from the cartridge.

There are a few ways to extend the lifespan of a CO2 cartridge. One is to keep it sealed in an airtight container. Another is to store it in a cool, dark place. And if you’re using it frequently, it’s a good idea to keep a spare cartridge on hand so you can swap it out when the first one starts to lose its efficacy.


You’re out on a hike and you stop to take a drink from your water bottle. You press the button on your CO2 cartridge to inflate your water bottle and nothing happens. You check the cartridge and see that it’s empty. This is because the CO2 has leaked out over time and the pressure is too low to inflate your water bottle. If you had a spare cartridge, you could swap it out and continue on your hike.


How Can You Tell If A Co2 Cartridge Is Bad?

There are a few ways to tell if a CO2 cartridge is bad. One way is to weigh the cartridge. A full, 16-gram CO2 cartridge should weigh about 23 grams. If it weighs less than that, it’s probably empty. Another way to tell if a CO2 cartridge is bad is to shake it. If you don’t hear any liquid sloshing around, it’s probably empty. Finally, if you try to use the cartridge and it doesn’t work, it’s probably bad.

What Do You Do With A Bad Co2 Cartridge?

A bad CO2 cartridge can be disposed of in a few different ways. The most common way is to simply puncture the cartridge and release the gas inside. This can be done with a sharp object like a knife or a screwdriver. Another way is to discharge the gas into a container of water. This will cause the gas to dissipate and the cartridge to float.

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