Ben Sherman Conall Lo Grey Chambray 43 (US Men's 10)

Ben Sherman Shoes Review

Ben Shermans’ shoes are a staple of British fashion. They’ve been around for decades and are still one of the most popular shoes around the world. These shoes are the perfect blend of style and comfort. They’re fashionable, but they also last.


As this Ben Sherman Original itself is a name of faith, fashion, and most importantly comfort since 1963, there are simply very few brands on the market that can compare to the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into every pair of Ben Sherman Shoes. From the materials used to the construction process, these shoes are made to last. What’s more, they are also incredibly stylish and will complement any outfit you put together.


To make your decision easier and smooth, we have come up with a shoe review of Ben Sherman for you that took hours of effort.

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Top 5 Ben Sherman Shoes Review

Ben Sherman shoes are known for being stylish and comfortable. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 Ben Sherman shoes, based on customer reviews.

1. Ben Sherman Percy Slip-On Navy Canvas


The Ben Sherman Percy slip-on is a stylish and comfortable shoe for men. It is made of navy canvas and has a rubber sole. This shoe is available in men’s sizes 44 (US Mens 11) M.

Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Slip-On Sneaker is a type of sneaker that will assure you a great high fashionable appearance and also comfort. As it is a Slip-On Sneaker, so you won’t need to tie shoelaces or buttons.

It can be put on your foot so easily and you will be ready to go with much fastness. When we come to talk about its quality and manufactory, the best one is its midsole. Its Vulcanized midsole will attract you if you love to do skating or even not.

We all know that the sole is the base foundation of any shoe. By Vulcanization process, this brand makes such thin and soft soles. So, this sneaker will bend and flex around your both foot from day 1.

The Vulcanization process of this Percy Slip-On Sneaker makes the rubber in its midsole more durable and comfortable. In the case of skating, it will give your feet more flex and traction during kick flipping motion. This pair of Ben Sherman are also made with synthetic uppers and Canvas textile.

This synthetic textile construction makes it very lightweight and blonder.   Ben Sherman Men’s Slip-on is designed with a padded footbed and soft fabric linings for assembling extra comfort to the feet. Moreover, while you are walking for affirming your more flexible movement, it has also stretch panels added to the upper side of the sneaker that will give extra space.

This FAST and cozy going Navy-colored Men’s slip-on will match great with any type of dress, especially with your shorts. You can grab this sturdy and also great quality Slip-On Navy Canvas for size 11 just at $56.99. There are also numerous sizes available.


-The shoes are stylish and versatile, perfect for a range of occasions.

-The shoes are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability.

-The shoes are comfortable and provide good arch support.

2. Ben Sherman Conall Lo Grey Chambray


Ben Sherman Conall Lo Grey Chambray 43 (US Mens 10)Check on Amazon


Moving on to the second-best sneaker on our list of Ben Sherman Shoes Review , we found this Ben Sherman Men’s, Conall Lo Sneaker. This splendid Conall lo Men’s sneaker from Ben Sherman is very flexible and lite for its fabric upper. In addition, its mildly padded textile insole construction with fabric lining will give your feet more breathable space. 

Sneakers that make with these textile materials not only give shoes flexibility but also this type of upper crafting also makes them durable. Another great fact about this Conall Lo Sneaker of Ben Sherman is it has also some good-looking detailed stitching throughout its lining with a casual lace-up. This will provide you with a perfect and pretty textured designed sneaker with proper fittings. It has also a rubber sole that will give more grip. 

This is so much comfortable that you will grab a second pair of this sneaker after using your first one. You can purchase this sneaker at a much more affordable price than Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Slip-On Sneaker.

This Grey Chambray-colored Conall Lo Sneaker also makes a great combination with any outfit you wear daily or for any event. The Ben Sherman Men’s, Conall Lo Sneaker is one of the best casual-looking styles and also so versatile that an absolute compliment to any looks.


1. The Ben Sherman Conall Lo Grey Chambray 43 is a stylish and versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down.

2. The shoe is made with quality materials and construction, ensuring durability.

3. The versatile grey color will go with many different outfits.

4. The low profile and comfortable fit make this shoe perfect for everyday wear.

3. Ben Sherman Percy Laceless Stone Cotton


Ben Sherman Percy Laceless Stone Cotton 46 (US Mens 13) MCheck on Amazon


The third on our list of Ben Sherman Shoes Review, we are going to put up is Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Laceless Sneaker. By the name, you may already perceive that this Percy Sneaker doesn’t have any lace. So, if you love to wear sneakers but never like to tie shoelaces or put extra effort into binding your shoelaces then this one is for you. 

This laceless handsome sneaker is also designed with synthetic uppers and canvas stuff just like Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Slip-On Sneaker. So, it will be light weighted but durable. Apart from this, Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Laceless Sneaker also has such other manufacturing materials as Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Slip-On Sneaker such as Vulcanized midsole that will assure comfort and easy-going, linings with soft fabric, rubber sole, padded footbed and so on. 

Also, it is a stone cotton colored very stylish looking Sneaker with coziness that you will fall in love with it. The most surprising fact about this Ben Sherman Men’s, Percy Laceless Sneaker is very much affordable that it costs only 20.99 US dollars. So, when you take a look at this type of shoe, there are different types of shoes available in the market. They may provide you with this same quality but with much excessive amount of money. 

If you had never tried this before you should try this quality sneaker in a more affordable way than others. Moreover, if you have a low budget but want a good quality sneaker then you are also recommended. Here we have made our sneaker list in such a way that anyone will be able to afford sneakers maybe with less price but not compromising with quality.


-The shoes are extremely comfortable and versatile.

-They can be worn with a variety of outfits for a number of occasions.

-The laceless design makes them easy to put on and take off.

4. Ben Sherman Mens Fashion Ollie Trainer


Ben Sherman Ollie Trainer sneaker is one of the best-lathered shoes available in the marketplace at such an affordable price. You can select this pair of sneakers from Ollie Trainer from Ben Sherman at only 39.99 US dollars. Though we are listed as fourth it is not number four. All sneakers are best in their place as everyone has different features. 

If you want to white leathered sneaker look that will not only make your appearance filled with more delicacy but also with coziness then you will fall in love with the Ben Sherman Ollie Trainer. It is made with synthetic quality leather with a lace-up design. This type of white-leathered sneaker everyman needs to have in their closet. 

White sneakers just go with literally everything that you have in your closet. This white sneaker is super versatile and it will go great with jeans or any other outfit. The options are endless. You can wear this sneaker even also with a suit if you want a very cool look and not too stuffy and solemn. You can also wear this cool- casual sneaker to the beach wearing your swim trunks. You can wear it wherever you want in your regular life. 

But the fact is that you have to keep them clean. And it will give you an instant classy stylish look. As it also has linings with textile and cushioned footbed so it can provide very many amenities. It has a completely white rubber outsole that gives much grip and traction. For elevating your daily style, this great-looking all-time classic is recommended for all.


1. The Ben Sherman Mens Fashion Ollie Trainer is a stylish and comfortable choice for men’s shoes.

2. They are made with a white and blue color scheme that is versatile and easy to match with many different outfits.

3. The trainers are made with a rubber sole that provides good traction and grip.

4. They are also lightweight and easy to move in, making them ideal for everyday wear.

5. Ben Sherman Mens Fashion Marcus Oxford II- Grey Nylon


If you are one of them who put on sneakers on maximum days, you might like the sneaker that is made with leather. Because they usually have a pretty appearance. Further, they can be used as formal shoes. Nevertheless, it is also true on a day-to-day using purpose, it is you better check out a leathered sneaker. 

The last of Ben Sherman Shoe Review is the one that is Ben Sherman Marcus Oxford II is a leathered sneaker having the best combination of all the qualities that a great shoe must require. This pair of shoes is extremely comfortable and well made. It is designed as lace-up finishing having three sets of eyelets. It also receipts a standard outline and improves it with a mixed padded insole and soft fabric lining upper. 

As it is made with fabric the upper is quite lite weight. So, this Ben Sherman Marcus Oxford II provides great comfort for continuous wearing and it is also breathable. The outsole of this sneaker is constructed with a rubber sole. Thus, this shoe will provide you great support traction for grasp and also stability. It will be also durable if you want to use it on regular basis. This shoe goes great with denim pants or any other outfit.


1. The shoes are stylish and versatile.

2. They are made with high-quality materials.

3. The shoes are comfortable and provide good support.

4. They are affordable and can be worn for a variety of occasions.

Why you must have Ben Sherman shoes in your wardrobe?

One of the most popular and iconic menswear brands in the world, Ben Sherman, is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. Here are some reasons why:

1.   While buying a new shoe often a question comes to our mind which brands of men’s footwear are stylish and also stood over time? When the question come across, there is nothing to think about this. Trends, Styles, and quality of shoes of different brands may come and go, but there is one brand that never compromises its quality and fashions. 

And that is Ben Sherman. Ben Sherman’s shoes are stylish and timeless. Ben Sherman always designs their shoes thinking about styles that will be disappearing never. Rather than rushing behind new fancy trends, Ben Sherman makes their shoes that have a classy and picked grant appeal that becomes even better with time. Thus, they’ll never go out of fashion and that will offer you to wear them for years.

2.   Being a daily outgoing man, it is not only important but also necessary to have pairs of versatile men’s shoes in the wardrobe for using a regular basis. From time to time even the most elegant men also like to go with casual outfits. The Ben Sherman shoes are so versatile that they are perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

You can wear Ben Shermans shoes anytime day or night, for having a formal, regular, or semi-casual appearance and also look outstanding in all of them. You’ll find immense numbers of these types of shoes from Ben Sherman that will befit your taste.  Also, they manufacture the same type of shoes in different colors. Thus, you will find here your freedom of liking and taste. All of the five shoes from Ben Sherman that are listed here have casual and also aesthetic appeal as ever.

3.  As we uttered earlier that Ben Sherman never compromises with shoe quality. The quality of the shoes is so impeccable. The materials that are listed for manufacturing a Ben Sherman shoe, all have high quality. And it will be not a matter of wonder to tell, great materials produce great products. The vulcanized midsole, padded cushioned footbed, rubber sole, canvas fabric or synthetic leathers, and soft and breathable fabric linings of them together makes a quality Ben Sherman shoe. The quality is not only the supreme factor about Ben Sherman shoes. Also, they’ve been made with great care and precision.

4.   Ben Shermans’ shoes are affordable without being too cheap. Though for some people who generally wear very inexpensive shoes, the price range of these shoes may seem a little bit high. But with a very low budget, you would have to compromise with shoe quality. The very cheap shoes are often not comfortable to wear on regular basis. They easily get sweated, and there will be not a breathable place in shoes to feel flexible. 

Moreover, they become stale anywhere and anytime. So, for avoiding these hassles, Ben Sherman Shoes will give you a get great valued durable shoes for your money. But Ben Sherman also has great shoes at a reasonable price that also assure shoes with great quality and diversity. Therefore, if your budget is low, there is no need of worrying about whether you will be able to buy Ben Shermans’ shoes or not. There are plenty of options.

5.   The great qualities that any Ben Sherman Shoes provides cannot be complete as they have obsessive great qualities. The foremost quality for being a great shoe is a shoe must be comfortable as they remain on our feet most of the time the day. Ben Sherman’s footwears are very much comfortable and they also provide good support which is essential for long days or nights out on the town. 

By wearing them you will be able to save your feet from blisters and foot pains. These shoes will permit you to be faster and more energetic in regular activities. They also will deliver support and care to your foot and leg whether you are exercising, running, playing, or doing something else. Ben Shermans’ shoes will be well-fitted in your feet as there are lots of sizes available. And most importantly they will provide enough breathable space for your feet.

If you still have confusion about choosing the perfect one for you, just relay any of the shoes from the top 5  Ben Sherman Shoes Review list, hope you will find your solution. 

How to take care of your Ben Sherman Shoes?

1.   At present we are living so busy life, and who else has the time to clean their shoe! And after many times of wearing a shoe there come to a situation when for the sake of presences or bad odors your shoes need cleaning. Because without this the shoe seems not wearable anymore. But do not do with your shoes if you want them to last long.

And as we all know for having a stylish and gentlemanly appearance your shoes have a huge contribution. Therefore, clean your shoes after each wear with a damp cloth. This will remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated. There is another method for cleaning shoes having leather uppers and outsoles and midsoles is an old and most importantly soft toothbrush. But on using regular purpose the first method is the best. You can also use a magic sponge or eraser for cleaning your shoes mostly if it is white-colored leather shoes.

2.   If you want your shoe looking like the same after you had bought it even after wearing a shoe regularly you will need to treat your Ben Sherman shoe well from the first day. You need to put extra care and effort into this. So, if your chosen shoe is lather made you must need to apply a leather conditioner to the shoe every few months. This will help protect the leather from drying out and cracking.

3.   You can use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes to avoid stretching them out of shape. Stretching can sometimes make your shoe uncomfortable to wear. So, a shoehorn will help you to prevent it.

4.   It will be great if you stuff your shoes with newspapers after each time you wear them. Because newspapers are generally effortlessly available. Newspapers have an outstanding characteristic for absorbing moisture. Also, if some days when your feet sweat an excessive amount or your shoes are wet in rain at that moment you can stuff your shoes with newspapers after cleaning to dry them faster. It will also help your shoe to diminish excessive smell. Stuffing your shoes with newspaper or cloth when not wearing them also helps to keep them in their shape.

5. Always after a long day we often sleep in the same way we come from outside. But try to never do this. You have to gently remove your shoes before you’re going to bed. And also have to store the shoes away from the light or heat. This will help prevent the color from fading.

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