Incline chest press machine

Incline Chest Press Machine

Want to activate more of your chest muscles while avoiding injuries?

The incline press machine is the perfect one to satisfy this goal.  

It can easily be found in any gym and is a great piece of equipment to build the chest, shoulder & triceps muscles. It is a simple exercise that focuses upon the upper section of the pectoral muscles and mostly preferable for gaining stability for beginner people to exercise.

But which product should you buy to maximize your goals & result? Which is the best in the market?

We have all the answers here. Before you go, you should look up the buying guide for better information.    

Buying guides

While selecting an incline chest press machine you have to keep in mind your purposes. 

If you are a serious enthusiast or trainer, a plate resistance machine might be the right choice. But some people prefer to use standard incline bench using dumbbells or barbell resistance.

The best part? Though you’re picking one, you can do many other exercises like butterfly press, curl, leg lifts, pull down, flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, shoulder press etc with just one machine of the following list we made. You can do a heavy free weight lifting day and then press out every single bit of energy on these machines! 

Just add any of these you like to your workout routine and reach the advanced level of development.

Please use a spotter if you’re a beginner. Be cautious with the amount of weight you use whether you don’t find one. 

Finally, don’t forget to take the advice of your doctor or fitness trainer if you are new to exercise or suffering an injury or medical condition to consider.

Top Ranked Incline Chest Press Machines to Buy Today

Let’s dive onto our list of the best chest press machines (or you can say say chest fly machine) for home & commercial use. Here’s our top five pics. 

1.Powertec Fitness LeverGym WorkBench

Incline Chest Press Machine

A perfect product for both beginner or older. It offers cable system adjusted with lat bar and arm pull-ups.

The bench allows to do multiple exercises that can be removed too for dips, also this machine has the ability of unilateral weighted exercises. It uses Olympic size weight plates as resistance with a maximum capacity of 500 lbs including arms that can move independently.  


  1. Very solid and well build
  2. The pulley system is extremely smooth
  3. Motion is smooth and fluid and very stable
  4. Bench is removable, sturdy and cable system works great
  5. Excellent for multiple users
  6. Manageable footprint and quality build
  7. Versatile, allows to do flat bench, incline bench, decline bench without spotters, shoulder press etc
  8. Best home units at this price point


  1. Takes long to assemble.
  2. Sometimes pad part and extension part moves
  3. Bench is not perfect
  4. Takes time to set it up for new exercise

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2.Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Chest Press Machine

Incline Chest Press Machine

Enjoy an advanced level workout with this heavy-duty chest press machine by Titan Fitness. This product serves you with incline, decline and flat reps along with adjustable bench with 13 bench depth positions and 5 lifting arm positions.

Again the bench can easily be stored on top of frame and be a perfect addition to your home gym.


  1. Provides independent unilateral arm action along with isolated arm press movement
  2. Assembly is fairly straightforward
  3. Very sturdy
  4. Minimizes chance of injury
  5. Low cost


  1. No instruction in the box to assemble & less data online

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3.Valor Fitness BF-47 Adjustable Flat/Incline Bench Press with Independent Converging Arms and Ab Crunch Feature

Incline Chest Press Machine

Valor Fitness BF-47 incline bench press is an “Amazon’s Choice” product. Designed for numerous workouts like flat bench, incline bench, ab crunch along with a safety catch has made it extraordinary.

This incline chest press machine working on several areas of your chest is made to build your chest.

Constructed with steel frame, equipped with converging arms, this product is best for home and light commercial use.


  1. Heavy-duty steel frame 
  2. Spotter not needed
  3. Very well built
  4. Easy assembly 
  5. Dynamics of using it are slightly different traditional ones 
  6. Low cost


  1. Instructions are not very detailed
  2. Arm support is very thin 

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4.GOPLUS Multifunction Home Gym System

incline chest press machine

It is time to stop wandering around and wasting money as Goplus Multifunction Home Gym can fulfil your desire for a healthy workout & fit body. 

It’s high-functioning equipment that is sturdy and durable and can execute a variety of exercises for building specific muscle groups. 

Now, it comes to its multifarious features. Its 4-roll leg developer protects your ankle, dual-function arm press to perform chest presses and independent fly exercises, as many as 12 pulleys provide with smooth fluid motion along with additional leg workouts.

Enhance your strength with max capacity of 100lbs (included) weight stack with the built-in resistance & also enjoy wide range of workouts. 


  1. Super heavy and sturdy
  2. Easy assembly
  3. High functioning equipment considering practical design and functionality
  4. Great price


  1. The front end is a little unstable
  2. Bit lighter

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5.Body-Solid Leverage Incline Press (LVIP)

Incline chest press machine

Experience HIIT workouts with the Body-Solid Leverage Incline Press in-home or professional gyms. It enables you to isolate your chest muscles in conjugation with making gains.

Its dedicated adjustable arms are supposed to get the length and movement just right where the movement is converging and biomechanically correct with a capacity of 700 lbs. The press arms can move separately, have a gas-assisted start and provided with Olympic weight plates for resistance.


  1. Adjustable arm height and adjustable seat height, get the perfect alignment
  2. Super functional, very sturdy, easy assembly 
  3. Super solid and durable


  1. Seat material is not very durable
  2. Bench is fixed at a 45 degree angle
  3. Not suitable for people taller than 6 feet

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Advantages of Incline Chest Press Machine

The main objective of the incline chest press is to focus more on the work on the upper pecs, therefore, pectoralis major, triceps brachii, along with the front (anterior) deltoids. These are the major connected muscles. The significant incline bench press benefits is to build the upper segment of the pectoral muscles. Traps, back muscles, and front shoulders are the secondary muscles that are being gripped in the session. When you sit in an inclined position, you operate your shoulders more as it’s similar to a shoulder press. Besides, for the angle of the bench, you put less stress on your rotator cuff.

Here, you will not need any spotter. While machines stop working in the time of stabilizing the muscles, you can thus use them without a spotter and also pile them with truly heavyweight to make gains in the chest.

If you performed it daily, it’ll assist you to construct a more well-balanced chest along with shoulder musculature. That’ll also help to keep the shoulder joint static and strong.

Whoever you include free weights in your chest as a daily basis, incline chest press machine is a good choice after using free weights.

If you are looking for a decline chest press machine exercises, this video is for you


How to perform incline chest press exercise? 

These are the steps to follow :

1. Start off by putting your weight on. Then adjust the seat so that when you sit down & put your hands in the middle of the handles so that it’s aligned with the upper portion of your chest. Now,keep your head & body flat on the back. Now grab the handles. 

2. Press the handles (slowly) forward until your hands are fully extended & then breathe out.

3. Stay on the position for a second & then slowly return back.

4. Repeat as many reps you like.

Note :

  • Don’t move your shoulders and lower back, rather keep them against the bench all times during this exercise.
  • Don’t bounce the handles back on the machine.

Here’s a reference video for better understanding its working:

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