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6 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines 2022

If you want to strengthen and tone all body parts and burn calories at home, a magnetic rowing machine can be an excellent solution for you. But you don’t want to select just any of them. It’s always better to know what’s best. So, do some research about the brand you want to buy. Their past history, popularity, public comment, customer care, guarantee, etc.

But if you refuse to undergo that stress, don’t worry! We’re providing the best magnetic rowers in the business based on popularity, budget, true quality, durability, usability, user opinions & whatnot! So, grab a coffee, go through this article & select wisely. By reading this article, trust me, you will be like an expert who knows most of the things to buy the best magnetic rowing machines. 

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Best Magnetic Rowing Machines of 2022

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

best magnetic rowing machines

This machine is amazing cardio equipment offering all the necessary features that anyone could wish for at a reasonable price. This rowing machine has been generating a lot of positive feedback lately, but is it really as awesome as people are making out? Let’s find out. 

It provides 8 levels of tension knob to conveniently change the intensity of your workout. This rower features large & textured pedals with safety straps to provide the user with a non-slip surface assuring maximum security, the foam grip handlebars offer comfort, and the cushioned seat gives the user a comfortable rowing experience. 

Also, built-in transportation wheels, extra long side rails & multi-functioned LCD monitor made it more suitable than expected in such a price range. 


  1. Minimal noise level
  2. Minimum effort, maximum workout
  3. Easy assembly
  4. Nice physical aspects like plenty of leg extension room, smooth seat  movement, well-balanced difficulty levels
  5. Auto on/off display
  6. Pretty amazing considering the the low cost


  • No way to track rowed meters
  • Makes noise after rough use
  • The monitor is tiny & doesn’t have a virtual 3D glasses option

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2. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower 

best magnetic rowing machines

Get a complete HIIT body workout with Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower. Perfect for low-impact high-performance training for any workout you want to achieve. This rower is high ranked because of numerous additional workouts.

It has 14 levels of dual transmission tension, Bluetooth smart cloud fitness, a large contoured cushion seat, large pivoting pedals, additional exercise foot pads along with transportation wheels.

Quiet & reasonably priced machine which also gets high marks for being easy to fold & store away. The Bluetooth connection & app is wonderful if you’re a gadget-type person who likes to take data & results. This is one of the reasons why we enlist the item in our best magnetic rowing machines list. 


  1. Silent & sturdy
  2. Easy assembly
  3. Best cardio workouts for seniors
  4. The best feature is the app


  1. Some find tension limitations not good enough
  2. The app caused much controversy for inaccurate tracking

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3. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

The Stamina Avari is a programmable magnetic rower that works on the magnetic principle, and you can alter the resistance level digitally. It comes with magnetic slides besides the flywheel, and every time you will have to set the resistance level, or you can save it once and then use it afterward.

It comes with 12 inbuilt exercise programs. 7 of these programs are unique since they adjust the resistance automatically and gradually in order to maximize the benefits of the cardiovascular workout. You can also set up custom programs. It is the only magnetic rowing machine that comes with chest straps to measure the heart rate more accurately.

Customers like this magnetic rower for its comfortable design which is crucial if you have long-lasting workouts. The seat is molded and the rowing handles are foamed. The footplates provide natural and safe motion with the help of straps. Its special technology provides smooth rowing in both the pulling and the recovery phases, thanks to its aluminum rowing beam.  


  1. Programmable
  2. Very easy assembly
  3. Very silent
  4. Display is easier to read than expected
  5. More than enough resistance levels
  6. Heart rate program
  7. Chest strap included


  1. The short warranty period on moving parts
  2. The sculptured seat needs more padding
  3. Not as smooth as competitors
  4. Somewhat narrow handle
  5. Looks a little dull

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4. Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

Row with style with one of the best entry-level rowing machines, the Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower! If you are looking for the perfect addition to a home gym, without having to spend a fortune, you may look up Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance, a new paradigm for best magnetic rowers in 2020.

You can take your rowing experience to the next level with Merax’s 8 levels of resistance, track your workout statistics with large LCD display, row rough but smooth & silently sit on an extra padded cushioned seat & keep track of your heart rate with a heart rate monitor.

To have further interrogation, visit this site to be clear


  1. Sturdy & durable as consists steel made frame 
  2. Has adjustable stabilizers placed at the rear
  3. Aesthetic space saving design 
  4. Ergonomic seat offers optimal comfort
  5. Provides exercise meter
  6. Easy assembly 
  7. Great beginner rower


  1. No function of pulse tracking or bells and whistles
  2. Small display
  3. Seat is cheap hard plastic
  4. No LED backlight with the meter

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5. Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine 

Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with best features and functions that allow you to have efficient training at home. This incredible paddling machine has an 11-lb flywheel that offers eight degrees of obstruction for an adjustable and fulfilling cardio exercise. The ergonomically structured molded froth seat cushion guarantees you remain agreeable all through your whole exercise and the froth secured handles are against slip so you can concentrate on your activity. 

It’s simple to-peruse LCD PC show that offers time, speed, separation, calories copied, RPM settings, date, and temperature. The implicit heartbeat highlight enables you to match the rower with any pulse transmitter belt, to screen your heartbeat during activities. It accompanies a two-year restricted to give you a chance to take advantage of your venture, making it an enduring and dependable expansion to your home exercise center. 


  1. Elegant design, solid machine
  2. Great material quality with nice smooth motion
  3. Generous size and padding of the seat helps cushion during workouts
  4. Media stand makes workouts convenient
  5. The seat and bar slide quietly and smoothly
  6. Low price


  1. Assembly is difficult & time-consuming
  2. Quite long, difficult to move and to store
  3. The wheels on the front are useless, and it’s too heavy to pick up and relocate the machine frequently

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6. Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Rower With LCD Display

Tone and characterize your upper and lower body while expanding cardiovascular perseverance with the Goplus magnetic rowing machine! 

It is specified for home use.

It’s an identical machine having a basic monitor control, cushioned seat following ergonomic design, large pedals, resistance knob having 10 levels of resistance, folding ability and more. 

Let’s check out the pros & cons.


  1. Tension is good and can be adjusted
  2. Slim & not bulky
  3. Easy relocation with transport wheels
  4. Easy assembly & use
  5. Fits in limited space
  6. Decent build quality for the price


  1. Some found the malfunction with the monitor
  2. Produces limited noise

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Buying Guide

Why would you want a magnetic rower? Why you won’t run crazy after the most popular Concept2 air rowers like other people? Because if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors, keep quiet environment, save money, skip maintenance issues, get high levels of resistance, and enjoy more functions & features, then a magnetic rower is your ideal choice. 

Getting bored by all the gibberish talks?

Ok, let’s find out one after one. 

What’s your target to use it?

If you’re wondering to reshape your body quickly & make a hit then you should not fritter away your salary. You can just go to a gym, use any rower there & achieve your goal.

But if you actually want to improve your aerobic fitness & use it for a lifetime, a magnetic rowing machine is perfect. You may purchase it for home or commercial purposes or anything that doesn’t matter. But if you really happen to purchase make sure to use it several times a week or it makes no sense of putting it away in a corner to grow dust.

How much is your budget?

It’s a harsh truth that rower is for affluent people. But don’t get too upset. If you can afford up to $500 for your fitness, you surely can buy one. Once again, you’ll be surprised to discover good cheap magnetic rowers in Amazon which also offer many guarantees and all of them are the best magnetic rowing machines.   

Furthermore, you can also buy a secondhand if needed.

  • Do you have enough room to store? 

You’ll need additional space to work out & store if you require it for home use. 

Select The Best Magnetic Rower Verifying Quality 

  • Magnetic rowers possess the most reliable resistance level among other rowers. 
  • Firstly, you opt for your preferable seat-rail length. In case you’re taller than average people, then you’ll need a longer seat rail.
  • While rowing the foot-plates will adjust according to the pressure you give. So, the bracing of the footplates should be made of metal. Then verify the weight limit. 
  • As a pulling drive-system belt is better as it’s quieter but strong. 
  • The console should be automatically equipped with manual numerous levels of resistance. It must display your workout details & result correctly.  
  • Check the noise level (magnetic rower creates little noise) & whether is not bulky to transport.

Finally, if you’re recovering from an injury or illness, it’s better to counsel your doctor first & then make the decision to buy a rower. 

Benefits of magnetic rowers

Rowing is a great exercise for joint health and for beginners who want to lose weight and strengthen their bodies. Suppose you do other workouts like running on a treadmill every day to gain your fitness. But what you’re doing is putting so much pressure on your joints & adding much stress on. In rowing, we do it exactly,  just we’re taking away that standing & we’re going to sit. At the same time, we do all pushing & pulling without too much hard effort. Here we pound & build more muscle to protect all those joints. To protect injury it is good to add muscle on the joints along with an entire body exercise in as well. 

Rowing is proven to be the best fitness activity that boosts metabolism and calorie burning. They are also low impact & full of fun. 

Among four kinds, magnetic rowers are one of the most popular types. It’s more used for home use. Its resistance mechanism has made it the quietest of all types and also it’s more compact than water or air rowers.

Its adjustable resistance level offers any people to choose his/her preferable level & pull perfectly. In addition, there are also many preset levels. One can easily challenge his past record & exercise harder. 

Magnetic rowers are mostly easy to assemble, more affordable & require little maintenance. They are less bulky & easy to store or transport. In our list of best magnetic rowing machines, we tried to pick the most competitive and high-quality rowers at a reasonable price. 

So, have you chosen your one? Comment below to let us know. 

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