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Are you a fitness freak and looking for the best heart rate monitor for insanity? If you want to track your heart rate flawlessly then you would surely admire the chest strap and the best quality monitor. We all know the best thing comes with a price! So, if you are spending a fortune you surely want to check which is the best heart rate monitor for insanity. We have checked & researched these products with hours & hours and picked only 5 high gear ones. 

If you’re a fitness fanatic or just a regular gym guy, you can keep track of your fitness workouts as well as heart rate easily with our best heart rate monitor (HRM) for insanity & HIIT workouts. 

So stay tuned till the end. 

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Why do you need a special Heart Rate Monitor For Insanity?

Do you already have a wrist monitor? We know what you’re thinking!

We know everybody likes all-in-one devices like smartwatches. Your wrist monitors are just ‘okay’ for monitoring all day. But if you want HIIT or insanity workouts, their authenticity & accuracy will go down the drain.

Plus you can’t just buy any cheap brand you find in the market, that’ll make the hassle worse. This is why you need our special heart rate monitor. We have made a list for the best of the best heart rate monitors you can buy in 2021.

Our Top 5 picks of best heart rate monitor for insanity

Best HRM in Activity    Garmin HRM-Pro
Best HRM in Accuracy      POLAR H10
Best HRM for Price    Wahoo Fitness TICKR X
Best HRM Armband     Wahoo Fitness TICKR FIT
Best HRM from Basic Models    Garmin HRM-Dual

This article contains only verified features, comparisons, and calculations about the best heart rate monitor for insanity. Without any further ado let’s jump into the detailed features, pros, and cons about our chosen best heart rate monitors for insanity.

Garmin HRM-Pro | Best HRM in Activity

Garmin has been manufacturing very high and premium quality products for a long time. Likewise HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, and HRM-Swim. All of these have wonderful features for certain applications. The Garmin HRM-Pro has a combination of those features which make it’s standard higher than all of those made earlier and one of the high-demand products of today. 

This device will mesmerize you with not only accurate heart rate but also keep you motivated with advanced running dynamics and power by pairing with any compatible device e.g.Garmin Forerunner 745.  

Do you like training on Zwift? Have as much fun you like on Zwift or any other platform as HRM-Pro offers you Bluetooth connectivity. Make an unlimited number of connections as you have ANT+ connectivity too. And with Bluetooth, as it has a dual Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to pair with your phone and get all your data saved in your hand device at the same time you’re playing Zwift!

Whether you are running, cycling, swimming, wrestling, martial arts, climbing, or even ballet, you can use this advanced technology strap and chase your summit like a pro. 

  1. The Garmin HRM-Pro is very soft and comfortable. 
  2. It’s low profile and low footprint, lightweight and long-lasting. 
  3. It not only stores real-time heart rate but also, additional data points like calories, steps, and intensity minutes.
  4. The Garmin HRM-Pro is designed to give you flawless readings while you are pushing your insanity limits as well as every kind of benefit you can possibly get from a heart rate monitor.
  1. Expensive according to many users.
  2. Strap extension needed for overweight people.

POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor | Best for Accuracy

Enjoy plenty of fitness applications and do as much insanity workout as you like with the new POLAR H10 heart rate monitor.

The polar H10 is an actual ECG. It uses electrodes that detect changes in the electro polarity of the heart indicating the detection of the QRS complex, which is then used to calculate heartbeat. It’s more direct and accurate than optical sensors ( Like POLAR OH+).

There are many of these chest straps on the market which are excellent devices. So what makes the POLAR H10 strap better?

It’s the ability to denoise electrical interference during the ECG better than anyone else. Electrical interference can come from any environment, even from our own bodies, and many times from the static of our own clothing. All of these need to be extracted from the readings to reveal the clean QRS complexes. Through various third-party studies, the Polar chest strap has proven best in class. 

High-quality HRM optimizes calories as per an individual’s body parameters like height, weight, age, maximum heart rate, etc, and thus calculates the fitness level. This device is waterproof. So wear it while swimming, cycling, rowing, running, and more.

  1. Best activity heart rate monitor designed for serious athletes and insanity workout.
  2. Use Bluetooth to transfer data and enjoy two Bluetooth connections at once as POLAR H10 offers you Bluetooth and ANT+ concurrent connections.
  3. It has tons of cardio equipment and all are HRM compatible.
  4. Use it on Android, iOS, or on any of your devices as Polar H10 is compatible with all these software and also in various smartwatches. 
  5. Through all your workout sessions, endurance, or insanity, the Polar Beat app keeps track of your HRM very efficiently. 
  6. The HRM can also connect with all the Polar watches.
  1. Few customers had issues with pairing with Bluetooth         connectivity.
  2. Other reported pulse measurements in the water are not possible. 

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Insanity

Wahoo TICKR X is the best budget all-in-one heart rate monitor in the market. It has absolutely everything you want. The monitor is more than accurate. You can trace your burnt calories, speed, distance, and other data through your favourite app.

Easily connect with your smartphone, bike computer, or GPS watch and capture real-time data. Whether you run, jog or do insanity, save your data and upload in any training platform and challenge with your friends today.

  1. It has a real-time, error-free heart rate monitor
  2. The LED indicator works well
  3. It has ANT+ together with three Bluetooth connections
  4. Built-in memory that lasts 50 hours
  5. It is waterproof
  6. It’s worth the price.
  1. It’s not very smooth.
  2. It feels a little insecure if wearing it for long.

Wahoo Fitness TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor

If you are not comfortable with the chest strap yet want to optimize heart rate and experience fitness app and more then Wahoo TICKR FIT Armband is a lifesaver for you! Tired of changing the battery every week? With Wahoo TICKR FIT Armband you don’t have to go through that hassle ever again. Its battery lasts 30 hours or more with a single charge.

This armband is integrated with ANT+ as well as Bluetooth and can connect 50+ smartphone applications. This device is chosen by world-famous champions and athletes. Regular or insanity- whatever your goal is, capture heart rate and burnt calories simply and then sync in with your smartphone or tablets. Then record or upload whenever you like.

  1. When it comes to ease and convenience Wahoo Tickr Fit will surely fulfill the purpose.
  2. Linking is easy as it offers a plethora of fitness apps.
  3. Durable and lightweight.
  4. Longevity of the battery.
  1. Waterproof but swimming is not suggested.
  2. Does not have onboard storage.

Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin HRM-Dual is the most basic but efficient monitor you can find today on a very low budget in the market. 

If you are exhausted changing your HRM battery every 7-8 months then this device can be of your choice as Garmin HRM-Dual comes with a battery life of up to 3.5 years!

  1. Equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity providing choices like work indoors, outdoors, or online training.
  2. Affordable, accurate heart rate sensor and heavy-duty battery.
  3. Its adjustable soft strap is easy for wearing, insanity workout, and washing if needed.
  1. Don’t have Garmin connect integration.
  2. Lacks modern features like the recent monitors.

How to choose the best heart rate monitor for insanity?

There are tons of heart rate monitors in the market. It can be hard to figure out which is best for you, or what the difference between them all is. A lot of newer smartwatches are becoming popular as they offer multiple features. But the back part of your wrist is not the best way to calculate heart rate.

Whilst you’re challenging your limits & looking for a radical change, the optical sensor is not the best way to get that. So you need a chest strap to get the most accurate result. Or you may use an armband which is convenient to use according to most of the users. You’ll also need a user-friendly, all-in-one monitor to check thousands of features & data you can possibly think of! 

So the type of the monitor and features of the monitor are two important components to consider while choosing the best heart rate monitor for insanity.

What should your heart rate be when doing insanity?

There are various heart rate features including average, continuous, low, and high data of heart rate in any of the fundamental models. It also provides your next target level calculating your daily workout data and how close you are to your target during the workout session.

Target heart rate is calculated via a percentage range according to someone’s maximum safe heart rate (50-80%).

Here’s two simple formula to determine your target heart rate zone:

1. Tanaka Equation:

HRMAX = 208 – (0.7 * Age)

2. Gulati Equation (For Females):

HRMAX= 206 – (0.88 * Age)

Your HRM monitor will offer you different heart rate zones based on your capacity. You can set these as per your aerobic and anaerobic zones. 

Zone One – Workup And Recovery Zone: 50-60% of your maximum HR

Zone Two – Modern Intensity/Fat burning Zone: 60-70% of your maximum HR

Zone Three – Aerobic Zone: 70-80% of your maximum HR

Zone Four – Anaerobic (Lactate) Zone: 80-90% of your maximum HR

Zone Five – VO2 Max Zone: 90-100% of your maximum HR

Usually, on an average workout session, people’s HR remains in the 70-85% range. But in an insanity workout, it’ll rise up to 85% and more in line with one’s maximum HR.

How to use a heart rate monitor during an insanity workout to get the best result?

If you want to achieve physical fitness and reach your summit, the amount of workout is not enough, the intensity of the workout also counts. Your heart rate monitor acts as a pacer, indicating when to hurry up or downturn to attain results. Firstly you need to measure your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. Then you should fix the amount or percentage of the intensity of the exercise. 

Regardless of how much intense workout you target, you can’t keep doing that every day. Rest & recovery is a must and maxing out all the time is not going to help you. That’ll break your body.

You can make your own schedule and keep track of your goal using the HRM. You may plan your cycle like the following:

Zone two training the first day

Zone four and five training on the second day

Rest in the following day to recover after heavy training

Zone three in the next day

Zone two on the 5th day

This fully depends on you, what your exercise & fitness goals are. If you just want to get in shape quickly like most people, an insanity workout is not for you. Zone 2 or fat-burning exercise is just enough.

But if you are exercising for a marathon, want to challenge yourself continuously, or want an athletic 6 pack, a high-intensity workout is okay for you. But first, you must visit your physician before doing intense exercise. If you’re aged over 50 or you have a previous heart problem, insanity is surely not for you.

You can check this for more info:

Heart rate tells a lot about your health and fitness. Today there are a plethora of heart rate monitors. So choosing your ideal type can be problematic.

Again the features or reliability can be sketchy if you are looking for insanity or accomplishing heart rate zone four or five training. This is why we’re here to give you the best suggestion.

In consonance with experts, we prefer electrical heart rate monitors over optical ones so that you can experience all possible benefits, insights and measure heart rate in a precise way.  

So why are you waiting? 

Buy the best heart rate monitor for your insanity workout and thank us later!

Thank you for visiting us. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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