Best Tricycle for 1 year old

Best Tricycle for 1 year old | Best gift for your kid

A kid’s physical and mental development starts from an early age. Different factors work behind the physical and mental development of a child. As a child needs a balanced diet and exercise for his physical development, so too does his mental development require toys, sports, drawing, and spending quality leisure time.

The tricycle can be a great thing for your kid’s physical and mental development.

But which tricycles are best for 1-year-old babies? Today we are going to introduce the 5 best tricycles for 1-year-old kids. All of them are best in quality and a great tool to spend a baby’s leisure time ensuring full of comfort and safety.

Best Tricycle for 1 year old | Top- 5

Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle

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Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle

Before buying a tricycle for 1-year-old babies, you should consider the durability, safety, comfort, and fun factor of the tricycle. We are going to introduce the Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle as one of the best tricycles for a 1-year old that can fulfill all these requirements perfectly. Also, this one is recommended for kids from 10 months so that your 1-year-old baby can easily use it. And the weight capacity is up to 44 pounds that the tricycle can carry without any unwanted damages.

The main body of the tricycle is made of high-quality plastic that assures long-time stability and durability. 

For safety purposes, there is a locking system at the front-wheel pedal. The tricycle can be folded down the footrest and the baby surround arms assist is also removable.

When you go out with your baby on a hot sunny day, the large UVF 50 canopy will provide proper sun protection. As baby skin is so sensitive and you don’t have to worry about an extra shade or umbrella for this canopy attachment. 

A cup holder and rear storage basket are also included with the Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle.

Besides, you can adjust the handle from 32.5 to 38 inches as per your preference and your baby’s comfort. For a baby under 1 year who can’t walk properly, just push the handle to carry your baby. This will be great fun for your 1-year-old babies. When he/she can ride the tricycle, you can easily remove the handle and unlock the paddle as well. 

For comfort purposes, there is an in-built 3 position seat adjustment system available. Also, shoulder and seat pads are attached for proper safety as they won’t cause any pain to your baby’s soft hands and legs. In addition, the pads are removable and washable. An adjustable 5-point harness ensures balance and coordination while riding the tricycle.

Last but not least, you can adjust the tricycle as per your baby’s growth for the 4 stage trike system. Let’s have a look at the 4 stage trike system of Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle.

  • Stage 1 – Push Trike Stage for 10 months+ babies

Parents control and push the handle to carry babies. If want they can adjust or remove the handle.

  • Stage 2 Baby Stage for 18months+ babies

Babies can ride freely after flip-down footrest and unlock the pedals

  • Stage 3 – Advanced Stage for 24months+ babies

In this stage, the baby can pedal, the arm and harness can be removed

  • Stage 4– Trike Stage for 36months+ 

The comfortable 3-position seat can be adjusted according to the babies legs length and detach the handle

Now you decide, why not we take this tricycle in the best tricycle for 1-year-old babies review section!

  • A 4-stage trike that can be used for babies from 10 months to 36 months +
  • A long-lasting plastic body can bear up to 44 pounds
  • 3 position comfortable adjustable seat 
  • Front-wheel pedals lock and can unlock at 2nd stage 
  • Can remove  the parent handlebar when your baby able to ride alone
  • Featured canopy with UPF 50  protection
  • Thin rubber around the edge of the wheel can prevent an unwanted accident 
  • You can fold it effortlessly
  • Washable and removable shoulder and seat pads 
  • You can carry food items, baby bottles to the storage basket of the tricycle
  • The sunshade is quite small and flimsy for 36+ months babies

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike, Red Toddler Tricycle 

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

If you are looking for a beautiful and comfortable tricycle for your little one, the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 tricycle can be a good choice for you. It’s a great combination of safety, comfort, and fun. 

As toddlers are playful and curious about everything, gaming or carrying equipment should be durable. In case of stability and longevity, the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 tricycle is made of steel, plastic, and hardware needed to keep the joints strong. 

Impressively, it is worth investing money for a Radio Flyer 4-in-1 tricycle. You don’t have to buy for your loving child every year as per their age and growth.

This tricycle is made for kids from 1 year to 5 years featuring 4 stages – 

  • Stage 1 Toddler trike for 12- 18 months babies

In this stage, parents have full control over the trickle

  • Stage 2Steering trike for 18 – 24 months babies using 3 Point Harness
  • Stage 3 Learn-to-ride trike for 2 – 3 yrs child when they can ride without help
  • Stage 4 – Classic trike for 4 – 5 yrs child. They can ride alone.

Again, the maximum weight capacity is 42lb. You can easily convert the tricycle among the 4 growing stages as per their age and by removing the accessories.

In addition, the canopy is removable and adjustable, able to protect from harmful UV rays.  The wrap-around tray, the foldable footrest is also removable. For your baby’s safety purposes, a headrest and seat belt are also included.

The adjustable parent handle is tightly screwed with the base and you can remove it when your baby can ride alone. The foam grip of the parent push handle makes it more comfortable to push the tricycle.

The total tricycle is easily foldable, you can fold it and requires small storage spaces to store it as well as carry it whenever you want. 

Riding a tricycle is also beneficial for a baby’s mental and physical health. So far, the Radio Flyer’s 4-in-1 tricycle is one of the best tricycles for 1-year-old kids. They will have fun and enjoy the natural scenario with full comfort and safety.

  • Featuring 4 in 1 stage facility and can convert as per babies age, weight, and skill
  • Recommended for 1 to years old and maximum 42lbs weight 
  • Durable construction materials ensure long time usability
  • Large canopy for UV protection
  • Strong and foam grips removable parent handlebar
  • Seat belt for full support and protection for babies
  • Removable accessories like a wrap-around tray, anti-slip pedals, headrest, adjustable footrest, etc.
  • The seat is slightly slippery though there is a seat belt also attached to it. 

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lights & Sounds Trike

With the time being, the taste, color choices, and preferences seem different for boys and girls. This time we chose the Fisher-Price Nickelodeon trike to place in the best tricycle for the 1-year-old babies review section. 

And this trike is perfect for your baby boys from 1 year to 6 years old and their maximum weight capacity is around 27 kg / 60lbs

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon features paw control with lights, music & a “walkie-talkie” sound that makes it more fun, and kids are enjoying it while riding the trike. It is suitable for 1-year-olds above kids when they can walk and are confident to ride alone. 

A 3-position adjustable seat helps to adjust as per your growing child’s age and weight. Also, the seat is not slippery so that there is no chance of falling or unwanted accidents. We always recommended using helmets while riding trikes. 

Also, it features a wide and stable wheelbase and they are slip-resistant. Your kid can rev up the adventures with full grip support. The front wheel seems oversized as they are engineered for faster pedaling. 

The easy-grip handlebars help to learn to ride confidently as well as features a secret handlebar storage compartment with the tricycle.

In addition, the stable construction material of Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Trike ensures longevity and durability. As the age limit is 6 years, It can convert as a big-kid bike, and your child can ride and have fun with 1 tricycle for a long time.

  • Beautiful design and fun colors combination attracts kids easily
  • Affordable price range comparing quality and longevity 
  • Paw control with lights and music
  • Adjustable and anti-slip seat 
  • Features handlebar storage compartment
  • Large range of age usability and weight capacity
  • Big-wheel-style trike for faster pedaling
  • Slip-resistant wheel protect from unwanted accidents
  • There is no adjustable canopy to protect your child from direct sun lights.

XJD 3 in 1 Kid Tricycles

If you have a little princess and you want to give her something, nothing can be the best option than the XJD 3 in 1 Kid pink Tricycle. This is one of the best tricycles for 1-year-old babies so we have picked it to review here. 

The design and color will attract your baby girl at first sight. If you want, you can keep it a solid pink color or customize it according to your prince’s preferences with Barbie or Disney princess stickers. 

This tricycle is suitable for 10 months to 3-year-old babies. You should use 3 wheel mode for a 10 to 24 months child. When they can balance and have motor skills, you can change the mode into 2 wheels at age 2-3 years.

As the bike needs to be assembled, there is nothing rocket science. There is a manual and you can install the seat and handlebar as per the instructions.

Again, the chrome handlebar is removable and adjustable. Also, you can lift the padded seat based on your baby’s height and comfort.

Your baby can ride the trikes at home or outside as the construction materials are durable and safe for babies. 

The sturdy steel frame ensures longevity, as well as the wide, durable wheels do not make any noise while riding. It won’t disturb the concentration of your kid during the ride. 

In terms of comfort, the seat is adjustable as per growth and foam grip won’t cause any pain in their little hands.

Your baby will learn to balance, coordinate, steer, and have confidence by riding favorite tricycles. At the same time, riding is very beneficial for mental and physical growth. Again, those who are overweight can lose weight easily by riding a toddler bike.

This tricycle is a properly safe and balanced bike for your baby. The quality is up to the mark so that with juice XJD 3 in 1 kid tricycle is chosen as the best tricycle for the 1-year-old babies review section.

So why are you waiting? Make your baby girl happy by giving her a tricycle so that she can enjoy her leisure time with joy and fun.

  • Suitable for babies from 10 months to 3 years old
  • You can change the mode to 3 wheels or 2 wheels as per your baby’s growth
  •  Very nice color and classical design
  •  Perfect to enjoy leisure time fun at both Indoor and outdoor
  •  Super durable construction material with lightweight frame
  •  Features an adjustable seat, foam grips at handle for full of comfort
  •   Ensures proper balance coordination and safety
  • You have to assemble the bike to install the state and the handlebar. Though it is not difficult as there is an instruction manual attached with the tricycle

Doona Liki Trike S3 – Premium Foldable Push Trike and Kid’s Tricycle

Again we are introducing a foldable and adjustable trike for toddlers. Doona Liki Trike S3 – Premium Foldable Push Trike is suitable for from age 10 months to 3 years. Also, the holding capacity is around 20 kg. 

In a working place, park or market, it’s not always possible to carry kids at hand. The foldable tricycle can be the solution to this problem. Your baby is safe and can enjoy the side view as well. 

There is a seat belt so that there is no tension while playing in it or if your baby falls asleep. She/he remains safe and secured in the tricycle. The adjustable canopy protects your child from UV rays.

Adjustable shoulder pads, padded armrests will assure comfort and balance. Again five-point harness, pedals straps, cup holder, and storage bag are included with the toddler trike.

Besides, you don’t need to assemble the tricycle, you can fold and unfold within seconds anywhere when needed. 

With age, you can remove the canopy and adjust it according to his/her height. It’s a versatile and premium functionality tricycle for kids.

So far, parents can trust the quality and be satisfied by its performance, then why not choose it to review in the best tricycle for 1 year old review section. 

Spend a good time with your baby carrying on Doona Liki Trike S3 – Premium Foldable Push Trike. 

  • Appropriate for 1-3 years old kids
  • Wide range weight capacity around 20 kg
  • Seat height adjustment facility
  • Shoulder pads, padded armrest for baby’s comfort
  • Easily foldable and adjustable tricycle 
  • Necessary accessories like point harness, pedals straps, cup holder, and storage bag are included
  • Anti-slip pedals and rubber tires for smooth ride 
  • No assembly is required
  • The size and canopy may quite small for growing babies

Things to consider before buying tricycles

In Short: Age, Height, Weight, Safety, Quality, Comfort, Preferences, Colors, Size, Texture etc.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a tricycle for a 1-year-old child.

 Such as –

 1. Is it age-appropriate? 

2. Is it safe? 

4. Can an interaction be started with the tricycle?

3. Can it be used as a tool to increase creativity, interest and imagination?

5. Can it be used for teaching?

6. Can it helps to develop mental health?

If the answer to these questions is no, then it is advised not to buy a tricycle for your child. It will be nothing more than spending money. Even the wrong use can damage your child – both physically and emotionally. If the answer is yes, then you go for it without any confusion.

It is very much essential to think about the following factors before buying a tricycle for your child.

Age: Age is the first factor to buy a tricycle. Tricycles are not much suitable for less than 1-year-old kids.11-12 months or more aged children can ride easily.

Height and size: Tricycle’s sizes are classified by their wheel measurement. The size of tricycles is varied with the height of the inseam of your kids.

Which size is suitable for your kids, you can find out by the information of the following table:

Inseam SizeWheel Size
12– 14 inches10 inches 
14 – 17 inches12 inches 
16  – 20 inches14 inches
18 – 22 inches16 inches
20-14 inches18 inches

Weight: Different size bikes can carry different amounts of weight like height, buying the right size tricycle according to weight is important.

If you don’t buy the right size tricycle, it can be difficult to ride it for less weight, so even if your kid is overweight, he/she can admit to an unwanted accident. Kids tricycles can hold 30 kg or 66 lbs maximum.

Preferences: Depending on the child’s preferences and abilities, electric, battery-powered or foot-powered tricycles can be provided.

Battery and motor size: Battery size/motor size also matters when you decide to buy a battery-charged or electrical tricycle. You should buy a tricycle with a standard-size battery/motor so that it can give the best performance and backup.

Color: Brightly colored things /toys are liked by kids. So try to buy a bright-colored tricycle for your kid like XJD 3 in 1 Kid Tricycles.

Body Materials: The material should be plastic for children. So that it is light-weighted, it is convenient to run the kid. It is safer for the kid to ride if the foam is given on the plastic.  

Safety: Safety is the first priority for your kids. Buy a tricycle that has proper balance power and smooth textures.

Comfort: If you want to ensure comfort for your kid, you should buy a tricycle considering the plastic body, foaming seat with proper size according to your kid’s height and weight. Seat, gears, and paddles should be soft and comfortable for kids.

Light & Music: You can choose a tricycle from which sound or beautiful music comes out when your kid rides it. As kids like lighting things. In that case, you have to buy according to the child’s choice, you can go for Fisher-Price Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lights & Sounds Trike.

Indoor/Outdoor use: If the child goes out to ride a tricycle, he/she must wear a helmet. Wearing shoes and hand gear should also be for kid’s safe driving. So with the tricycle, you should buy a helmet, shoes, and hand gear according to his/her accurate size.

Washable/Cleanable: Kids are fun-loving and they like to do experiments. As a result, his/her tricycle may be dirty and need to be washed. Try to buy a type of bike which is easily cleanable.

Quality of parts and functionalities: Last but not least before buying a tricycle for your kid, you should not compromise with the quality and functionality. If needed you can do some research about the functionality and better quality parts which will help you to buy the best one for your kid.

Benefits of the tricycle of your kids

Short Answer: Mental health, Physical development, weight loss, muscle building, make intelligence and creativity, develop the immune system, etc.

Health Benefits of Tricycle for 1-year-old

Kid’s body stays fit by cycling: Riding a tricycle makes a child’s limbs stiff and strong. Riding increases the speed of breathing which is very useful for the lungs and increases efficiency. While riding body parts circulation causes blood to circulate, which helps to regulate the child’s heart.

Growth: As children walk outside on tricycles, they allow children to bathe in the sun helps to absorb vitamin D, thus promoting calcium absorption and bone growth in children.

Weight Control: Riding tricycles children can burn calories in infants. Sweating removes contaminants from the body. Also, the baby sleeps well.

Benefits of the tricycle of your kids

 Eating leads to hunger: It makes hunger as cycling is a physical activity. Also increases digestive energy.

Exercise regularly: Cycling exercises can improve the absorption of calcium in the body of children and the physical fitness of children.

Makes muscles strong: As a body, movements occur while cycling, it helps to build up the body muscles of your kids.

Immune system improvement: Riding on the outside there is a powerful bactericidal of ultraviolet rays. There are effects, which can effectively improve the body’s immunity in children. 

Mental health benefits of Tricycle for 1-year-old

☞Kids can enjoy happy leisure by walking with a tricycle outside or in the house.

☞Children get emotional pleasure because of cycling. 

☞It helps to keep the body and mind cheerful. One can enjoy the natural beauty of the medium, find new playmates.

☞The child develops confidence and develops the ability to lead. children’s biking can stimulate the child’s ability to observe. 

☞In outdoor cycling, the child can fully interact with nature, and exercise can increase blood circulation to the brain, improve the child’s thinking and thinking ability.

☞Children’s cycling can improve children’s interpersonal skills. 

☞Children’s cycling can stimulate children’s self-protection. 

☞In short, children’s cycling can develop a child’s mental health by widening the child’s eyes, bringing happiness and confidence to the child, and developing their team spirit while the child cycles and enhances the parent-child relationship.

Tricycle bike maintenance

Short Answer: Cleaning, Charging, Servicing, use it the right way.

As kids are not aware as well as not able to maintain his/her tricycle properly. So parents should be taken care of. Tricycles are classified into such categories for kids such as general, battery based or electrical.

So maintenance should be different for different types. Having pretty much knowledge about the parts and functionalities of them will help you to maintain tricycles properly for a long time.

General/ Traditional Tricycles

☞General tricycles can ride by using their feet. It may get dirty after riding outside. It should wash with water with soap for cleaning purposes. 

☞While riding general tricycles, there is a fear of losing balance due to losing foot balance. So make sure your kid starts riding after proper practicing. 

☞Gear, pedals should be checked before riding. Set the seat at the right height because it should be comfortable for smooth riding.

☞Use fluid oil for chain and wheels for a better experience of riding.

Battery/Electrical Tricycles

☞As they run by charge so charge them fully for efficient performance. And be careful that the battery should not be charged more than it needed also be careful about not to down the battery.

☞Always keep the wheel tight and gear, pedals should be checked before riding.

☞If it gets dirty, clean it with wet cloths. Then wipe with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

☞There is less fear of losing balance. However, if the electric or battery-powered bike is not able to keep its balance, there is a possibility of falling down. Extra care should be taken for this case. Switches should be checked before riding. 

☞As general tricycles, fluid oil also should be used for battery/electric tricycles.

☞In both cases, the height between the seat and wheel must be right for flawless and comfortable riding. If your kids have foldable frame tricycles, be careful while opening and closing them. 

☞The performance of the tricycles gradually decreases if it is not serviced. If any part is damaged, it has to be replaced and replaced. Above all, servicing is essential for any type of tricycle maintenance.

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