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6 home exercise for back | recommended by medical experts

Before jumping to the home exercise for back let’s first face some dazzling statistics of back pain in just USA

  • In a single year just in America, all of the full-time workers  have to take leave for two days just for back pain
  • That means, 264 million lost workdays in a single year
  • One-half of all American workers are facing back pain
  • 80% of the American population face back pain in their life at least for one time. 
  • Back pain is the third biggest reason for which people have to visit doctors
  • People of America spends at least fifty billion US dollar every year just for back pain treatment. 
  • Between 1990 and 2015 the number of back pain patients increased by 54%. 

So just think about the dangerous effect of back pain,  how people suffering just for back pain. but hey! don’t depend on it we are here just for you and we will recommend some home exercise for the back. 

Back pain causes

People usually suffer from two types of back pain. One is lower back pain and another is upper back pain. Lower back pain is very common and most of the cases people suffer from lower back pain. Although reasons for lower and upper back pain are almost the same. So, you may have questions regarding what causes lower back pain?

What causes lower back pain


Strain is one of the most common reasons for back pain.  Many of us have to work very hard work on a regular basis and don’t have time to do exercise. Sometimes we need to work for hours and hours by sitting on a single chair without moving our position.  Because of those reasons, we suffered from back pain. Some of them are described below:

  • strained muscles or ligaments
  • a muscle spasm
  • muscle tension
  • damaged disks
  • injuries, fractures, or falls

Ruptured disks or Bulging disks:

In our spine of the back, there are lots of disks placed in a very sensitive manner. If the disks or break or displaced due to any bad placements, accidents or any other reasons, it creates excessive pressure on nerves. Thus we start feeling pain in our back. Your simple home exercise for the back can help you get rid. 


Usually, this happens due to the long journey by sitting in a single place. When your buttock has to bear a heavy pressure of your body for a longer period of time, the nerve of your back starts getting huge pressure through your buttock and thus you got massive back pain.


Sometimes the spinal canal of our body can become narrower in an extreme amount. That causes spinal stenosis. Because of spinal stenosis, we can face huge backpain. Sometime you may face back pain causes the middle of the back pain causes upper. This may occur because of arthritis

Curvature of the spine

Because of extremely hard work or workout or even some improper physical movement, your spine can be curved than the normal condition. Some of us have a defective spine inherently. If you have a question like what causes lower back pain on the right side? Then this may be your solution. But hey! There are lots of reasons. 

Some other causes for back pain (back pain upper, back pain lower left, lower back pain right side, lower back pain left side, back pain upper ) 

Age and back pain

Back pain can be caused because of the age problem. With the growing of age, our joints of spine and disk are getting weaker. Because of that reason, we can face back pain. So, obviously there is big correlation in between back pain and the age. You may have a question, what about the back pain young age? There are lots of reasons for that. 

Lack of exercise and back pain

Back pain can be caused due to the lack of regular exercise. As we are getting busier than ever, our time for regular exercise is also getting lower. Because of that, our body do not get proper movement and it causes back pain.  Home exercise for the back can be a great solution for you if you have not that much time and way to do outdoor exercise.  

Diseases and backpain

There are some diseases in the human body like cancer, diabetics, tumor, etc can cause back pain. 

And some other causes like:

  • pregnancy
  • endometriosis
  • ovarian cysts
  • uterine fibroids
  • cancer

What to do for back pain

Well, there are lots of recommendations and solutions for back pain. But first, you need to identify the stages and type of your back pain. Then you will have to do something like good posture, taking medicine, etc. But here we will talk about some home exercise for the back that really will work.

Always remember one thing, prevention is better than cure. These home exercises for back pain will give you that prevention and also you who are suffering from acute back pain must do these home exercises for back. 

Home exercises for back

Back Curving: 

home exercise for back

This is the most effective home exercise for back also you will find some instant relief from your back pain with this exercise. Usually, it can be done with a Yoga ball. All you need is just placing your body on a yoga ball by making your back curved. 


Sit-up exercise:

This is basically a multi-purpose exercise where many of your body parts can be benefited from situp exercise. Although this is not suitable for old aged people. 

Toe touch exercise:

There are two kinds of toe touch exercises. One is single toe touch and another is both toes. Hope you understand both of the systems. You simply can touch your toe either by standing or even laying.  

Partial Crunches exercise: 

Partial Crunches are popular and easy to do home exercise for back. 

Process of partial crunches:

  • First, you need to lay. You can use a yoga pad for laying. 
  • Keep your leg curved from the point of knee. Make sure you are doing it.
  • Keep your hand behind your head
  • Slowly raise your shoulder, make sure your stomach muscles remain tight
  • Don’t take the support of your elbow or any other parts of your body. Be steady and slow
  • Hold it for a second and back down slowly. Take a breath and do the same.

Chair dips:

Chair dip is the ups and downs of the whole body with the support of two hands with the support of a steady chair. You also can take the support of a table or two small benches for two hands.

Side bridge: 

Raising the whole body weight with one elbow is a side bridge. You can change your hand after a certain period.

Using heating pad can give you comfort for extreme back pain. You can read the article about backpain from John Hopkins University

Symptoms of back pain

There are so many diseases and even permanent problems can be caused because of back pain. Most importantly back pain is a symptom of so many diseases. So, at this part, we basically going to name some diseases that are the symptoms of back pain:

  • back pain symptoms of kidney problems
  • back pain symptoms of cancer
  • back pain symptoms for pregnancy
  • back pain symptoms prostate cancer
  • back pain symptoms of early pregnancy
  • back pain symptoms checker
  • back pain flu symptoms
  • back pain symptoms kidney
  • back pain symptoms heart attack
  • back pain cold symptoms
  • back pain nerve symptoms
  • back pain thoracic symptoms
  • back pain ulcer symptoms
  • back pain STDs symptoms
  • back pain arthritis symptoms

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