Best BMX bikes for street riding

5 Best BMX bikes for street riding (best of the best)

Your BMX bike will not just bear your body weight and help you step forward, it will represent your personality, ensure your safety, give you a feel of athletes and make you stand out from the crowd. 

There are hundreds of BMX bikes in the market to confuse you which one to choose, that differ in quality and price. Let us do the hard thing for you. Our expert team members evaluated hundreds of BMX bikes available and chose some best BMX bikes for street riding. 

Top 5 Best BMX bikes for street riding

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion is sometimes called black horse because of its attractive looking and super aggressive speed. It’s U-brake, Chromoly steel frame and super strong body make it so popular in the market. Let’s face why you should buy this one or why you should not. 

What we liked about this:

  • The best part of this bike is, it is made of 4130 Chromoly Frame that is ultra-strong and light-weighted. Usually, budget bikes are made of carbon steel or mild steel. 
  • Its removable brake mounts, mid-BB shell help you clean or change easily. 
  • two-piece 175mm of tubular cranks and 25T alloy chainring make your bike super flexible to run
  • Alloy U-brake help you rapid with a fast break
  • You can enjoy some extra stability and grip for its large and wide tire 
  • Easy to assemble 

What we did not like:

  • This bike is designed for the riders with a height of 5.8″ or above
  • Pedals are not that good
  • the brake cable is short and located at the outside that makes it look little ugly

Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

If you are looking for something classic, ultra-lightweight and super fast speed for your road riding, then Redline Proline can be the best BMX bikes for street riding. 

What we liked about this:

  • the paint job is ferrari quality
  • Super light for its Aluminium alloy body and super fast as well
  • The packaging was great. We have take interview of 10 users and everybody liked its packaging
  • Super wide 16 x 2. 0 inch tires

What we did not like:

  • The very small and hard plastic seat which is perfect only for race, not for regular use. So, if you are a regular user, you need to change the seat

Razor High Roller BMX

If you are searching for a good quality BMX bike at a lower possible price, Razor High Roller is for you.  

What we liked about this:

  • The frame is built with high Tensil steel
  • to connect the handlebars, it uses four-bolt stem
  • Both front and rear hard-brake
  • Suitable for both average height as well as a taller person
  • Assembling is easy and you also can request them for assembling with some extra charge
  • Price is lower than any other BMX

What we did not like: 

  • Some parts are made with normal plastic that is easy to break
  • The packaging is not that good, that’s why some users complained they got damaged bikes

Mafiabikes Madmain BMX bike

Imagine, you are riding on blue super Sonic with dazzling speed and blue fantasy. Okay, movies are not real and you never can have a Super Sonic in real life. But this Mafiabikes Madmain 20 can give you a little feeling of a blue monster on the road.  

What we liked about this:

  • Designed based on the personal geometry set-up and blueprint of most popular BMX Rider athlete Harry Main
  • Build with the Hitman parts
  • 25/9 point gearing
  • Mafiabike will provide Free of charge Road kit if you need. But you need to contact the manufacturer for that
  • 2.4” Lagos Crawler tyres

What we did not like

  • It is basically designed for off-road riding but you can fix it with road kit for free of charge if you contact

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion BMX Bike

Another BMX bike from the popular brand Mongoose. If you are in a budget shortage and want a safer and long-lasting bike Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike can be the perfect choice for you. 

What we liked about this:

  • Made with Hi-ten steel that makes the bike durable and lightweight
  • Wheels are made of cast aluminium mag
  • U-break
  • Best for lower budget

What we did not like

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How to maintain your BMX bike?

Short answer: 

1. Have an overall idea about BMX bikes.

2. To have the right idea about the fittings of the parts of a BMX bike.

3. Know the functionality of the bike correctly.

4. Wash regularly.

5. Regularly check the tire pressure of the bike.

6. The pedals should be checked and kept tight.

6. Use oil the bearings, joints and chain of the bike.

8. Always keep the wheel tight.

9. Keep the bars fit.

10. Check the brakes of the bike before going out.

11. Keep the brake pads clean and set properly.

12. Adjust the gears to run on the road.

13. Regular use of fluid on bike wheels and chain wheels.

14. Set the seat to its correct height.

15. Using the right size bike.

16. Regular servicing.

BMX stands for bicycle motocross bike. Nowadays, having a BMX bike is like a dream to many people. With riding a BMX , it is so much essential to maintain it by following  these steps :

1. Have a general idea about BMX bikes:

 BMX bikes are now a bike that is very much popular to young people. So you must know about the use of BMX bikes, and care of parts before riding. 

2. To have the right idea about the fittings of the parts of BMX bike:

Having proper knowledge about the parts of BMX bikes are very important. Slightly different in size and fittings from other bikes. Performance depends on its parts and fittings so  it is necessary to have an overall idea about the parts for bike maintenance.

3. Know the functionality of the bike correctly:

This is a prerequisite for buying a bike. To have correct ideas about functionalities and also to have experience in its riding. 

4. Wash regularly after riding:

If you don’t clean the bike properly, there will be problems in the parts and functionality of the bike. Inefficiency also tends to decrease. So to keep the bike good and maintain performance, you have to come from outside regularly and wash the bike very well with water.

5. Regularly check the tire pressure of the bike:

The performance of the bike depends a lot on the pressure of the tires of the bike. So the right pressure must be used. 

6. Use fluid oil the bearings, joints and chain of the bike: 

To maintain the performance of the bike regularly use good fluid in its joints, bearings and chains. 

7. Check the brakes of the bike before going out: 

The balance of the bike must be checked before going out in order to run the bike properly. Otherwise, an unintended accident may occur.

8. Set the seat to its correct height: 

The height of one person is different. So the height of the seat will be different. You must set the seat of the bike keeping in line with your height. Otherwise bike riding will not be comfortable. 

9. Using the right size bike: 

BMX for adults and BMX for children vary in size according to age and height. So you must choose the right size bike. In the next section you will know about it clearly.

10..The pedals should be checked and kept tight:

If the pedals are not tight then riding your bike will be terrible. As the pressure of the bike, the pedal is tight and cannot be too much or loose.

11. Regular servicing: 

Last but not least is regular servicing. Many say that the performance of the bike gradually decreases and is not serviced. If any part is damaged, it has to be replaced and replaced. Above all, servicing is essential for bike maintenance.

What size BMX bike for adults?

Short Answer: Expert class size ,Pro class size, Pro XL class size, Pro XLL class size

Many people like BMX bikes for their simple look, design and good performance and want to buy for themselves. But maximum people buy it without any idea about its size. So many times the size of the bike does not match with their height. Which makes you disappointed. For better and smoother performance, you have to buy the right size according to your height.

There are some criteria for the size of the BMX bike. The size of the wheel, the size of the top tube (TT), etc. Size measurement is based on this. Such as Mini, Micro Size, Junior Size, Expert Size, Pro Size, XL Pro Size etc. Most  20 inches size wheels are used. In that case, the size of adults starts with the size of the junior. But nowadays the measurement of top tube(TT) size is more important than the wheel size of BMX. BMX bikes have a design frame which connects the bike’s seat post tube (ST) with the front part(HT) of the bike is called the top tube(TT). With the size of TT, the adult’s bike size can be defined.

HeightSize of Top Tube  (TT)Name of class size
4ft 8inch-5ft 4 inch19.5 inch – 20.4 inchExpert
5 ft 4 inch -5 ft 10 inch20.25 inch – 21 inchPro
5 ft 8 inch -6ft20.5 inch -21.5 inchPro XL
6ft +21 inch – 22 inchPro XXL

How much weight can a BMX bike hold?

Short Answer: Less than 27 kg to more than 72 kg .

We already know that the size of BMX bikes depends on your height. You also have to buy it depending on your weight. Because a one size bike can carry different amounts of weight. But how much weight can a BMX bike hold? 

The size of the bike should be consistent with the weight. Then you will get good and smooth performance. If you don’t buy the right size bike, it can be difficult to ride a bike for less weight, so even if you are overweight, you can admit to an unwanted accident. Let’s know how much weight a BMX bike can carry. Have a look at the following table which will help to have a clear idea about the relationship with the size of an adult’s BMX bike and weight. Heights according to the class name are mentioned in the earlier section. 

Name of class sizeRider weight
ExpertUp to 58kg (130lbs)
ProUp to 72kg (160lbs)
Pro XLMore than 72kg (160lbs)
Pro XLLAny

Why are BMX bikes so small?

After knowing the size of a BMX bike, you may wonder why its size is comparatively smaller than other bikes. And there are some reasons behind it. It is well known that BMX is an Olympic sport that has been one of the Olympic medal sports since 2006. According to scientists, the smaller the wheel, the bigger the jump.

This bike is designed in such a way that it has a resistor frame with the help of which the player jumps. Since BMX is used more in jumps and races, it is made in a much smaller size for the convenience of riders. Due to its small size, its speed is much higher and stable after numerous jumps. Another reason behind the small size of BMX bikes is its speed and stability. Due to its small size, it is easy to ride and maintain because of its less weight. And in very few places it is possible to ride easily.

As we are looking for the Best BMX bikes for street riding, we have considered a bit larger than the usual BMX bikes.

BMX vs Mountain bike:

Short Answer: BMX for high speed, jumping & Mountain bike for hilly and uneven rides.

Both are best in their own field of riding but they have several differences in design and performance efficiencies like:


BMX bike

Mountain Bike
Designed forRide on artificial smooth surface by linking with  long jumpsFor crooked, uneven and bumpy roads, especially for natural  hilly roads
Framestrong, rigid but simple designFlexible and more large with drinking bottle, lightattachment
Brakescaliper brakedisc, caliper  or combination of both
Gearssingle gearup to 24 gears
Padelslarge flats along sharp teethSame as BMX but some add a strap for holding the shoes.
SuspensionNo Suspensionfront suspension/fully suspended.
Holding Weight< 27 (60lbs)  kg – > 72(160lbs)  kg .Almost 136kg (300lbs)
SizeDepends on wheel ,TT sizeDepends on frame size
PriceAffordable and less than MTBMore costly
MaintenanceQuite easyComplex

Health benefits of BMX bike:

Short Answer: Good health, Weight loss, Healthy heart, Builds muscles ,Sound mental health, Lower back muscles strengthens etc.

If you have seen the competition of professional riders, you have noticed that most of them are in very good health. BMX riding will not only keep you fit externally, but it will also keep you healthy internally. Let’s know the health benefits of Best BMX bikes for street riding.

  1. Weight loss will be followed by regular riding. It also increases calorie expenditure and increases the rate of metabolism, which in turn helps in weight loss.
  2. Riding BMX bikes reduces resting heart rate. High resting heart rate is associated with increased mortality in cardiovascular patients.
  3. Reduces diabetes, studies have found, exercise reduces the rate of diabetes mellitus. 
  4. Riding BMX works excellent in building muscle. This can play a special role in the formation of the lower part of the body.
  5. Riding is a great exercise to reduce knee pain.
  6. It helps reduce HDL or good cholesterol levels by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol levels.
  7. Regular riding reduces the risk of heart disease. Also reduces the risk of stroke. Studies have shown that regular use of static riding improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
  8. Reduces the rate of cholecystectomy of women.
  9. Cycling increases coordination skills and Increases brain performance.
  10.  Increases immunity. As a result, it works to prevent cancer.
  11.  Regular riding improves mental health. by reducing depression, stress and anxiety. 
  12. Riding trains the muscles of the respiratory system.

Disadvantages of BMX bike

  • Not effective for long journeys. 
  • It was not designed for saddle riding. 
  • It is very difficult to walk on the natural uneven mountain road.
  • It is quite small in size as it is made for the race .
  • Body frame is not flexible 
  • There is only single gear
  • It has no suspensions also.

In our top five picks of Best BMX bikes for street riding, we have tried to make a perfect combination of all the necessary features and high end quality.

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