best lacrosse shaft for middies

Best lacrosse shaft for middies

Lacrosse is one of the oldest and super exciting games in America. You can get lost in the adventure of gaming with a lacrosse Stick in your hand.

A big secret behind the better performance depends on the quality of shaft because you should have better control over your shaft and better control mostly depends on some important feature & factors like a lightweight shaft, shaft design, durable material, grip tape.

You also have to think about the size like which size is the suitable middies, Shorter Shaft or longer Shaft, Price level etc. Considering all of these, we have chosen 6 best lacrosse shaft for middies.

Top 6 best lacrosse shaft for middies

In order to reach an advanced level of Lacrosse, you need to do better Performance and should have a perfect feel of the game. And this is why you need the perfect shaft. Let’s have a look at our top 6 picks especially for middies.

Lets have a look in our best lacrosse shaft for middies list.

STX Fiddle STX Two Pack Mini Super Power

Best lacrosse shaft for middies

STX Fiddle STX Two Pack Mini Super Power is beneficial for the beginners who want to start a career with lacrosse or have fun with lacrosse. Also useful for kids as it is light weighted. This set contains 2 mini sticks with plastic handles with a dimension of 33 x 9 x 5 inches with a soft lacrosse ball. Although this article is focused on middies, we choose this best lacrosse sticks for kids as this is best suitable for the beginner, especially for those who are looking for shorter defence shaft.


  • This size is perfect for kids with the best quality
  • Light-weighted so that children can play with it easily
  • As the handle is made of plastic so it’s safe for kids
  • Price is so reasonable
  • It can easily use in both indoor and outdoor playing


  • As the Shaft length is only 30 inches long, it’s not suitable for 8 years above kids
  • There is a chance of breaking the shaft as it is made of plastics

Brine Women’s Mantra 2 Strung Head

best lacrosse shaft for middies

This product is designed especially for the women lacrosse players maintaining all the features is supposed to have. It is one of the best lacrosse sticks for women which is very friendly and useful for beginner women players. Dimensions are also perfect for women.


  • Suitable for beginners to advance level players
  • Maintained all the standards of US Lacrosse specifications
  • For superior pocket placement, string holes are designed.
  • Foundation is so much strong
  • Comfortable Grip and smooth finish
  • 2 shot colour gives a nice look
  • A smooth transition is possible as stop areas are updated for it


  • Higher Price
  • A little bit heavy weighted 

Warrior Kryptolyte  Criss Cross

Warrior Kryptolyte Criss-Cross is made of alloy material. This aluminum shaft has a soft coat consistent grip with the smooth holding edge. Dimension is 30 x 4 x 4 inches and the weight is only 0.4 pounds that makes it a perfect lightweight shafts and probably the lightest shaft in our top six picks. Thus you will get high shot speed. No doubt, it is one of the best lacrosse shaft for middies.


  • Made of Kryptolyte grade alloy materials
  • So light weighted which is easy to handle
  • Simulates a fully taped stick as it  Has a soft coat textured grip
  • impressive durability 


  • Price range is high

Warrior Evo Warp Mini Complete Lacrosse Stick

If you are looking for an ideal shaft considering the quality, durability style and price, Warrior Evo Wrap is maybe the perfect one for you. dimension is 35 x 8 x 2 inches and weight is  9.6 ounces. Budget-friendly and flexible so that you can play with it anytime anywhere. A Warrior tennis ball is also included with this set.


  • made with aluminum grade
  • Price range is reasonable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight, so it can handle easily
  • N version Warp technology is used
  • Diamond warp pocket is widely designed
  • Comes with a FREE Warrior tennis ball


  • Can make any unwanted injury during playing as it has an aluminum handle
  • netting system is not durable

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse

To have a classic feel Burd Wood Lacrosse can be your best choice. Its wooden shaft, a traditional shape and classic design make it an amazing lacrosse shaft. It is made of kiln-dried hickory that makes it great in quality. This wooden lacrosse shaft is great for the advanced level players.


  • impressive durability
  • It’s unique as hand-crafted
  • Use kiln-dried hickory as materials
  • No artificial finishing or colours are used
  • Reasonable price so that any player can buy it
  • reasonable in price point
  • It has wooden defence shaft so extra rigidity provides than aluminium shafts 


  • Much heavy as almost 1 pound of weight
  • It may irritate the player as there is no artificial grip finish.
  • Not recommended for beginners and kids


Warrior Switch Comp

Warrior Switch Comp is a perfect combination of quality, design and price. Its classic Kung Fu kid – rounded edges are attached on one end for natural rotation as well as also provides maximum stick control via Groove die – deep finger grooves which are added on the other end. This metal shaft is popular because of its durability and design.


  • Dual Dye construction features give it a strong grip
  • Deep finger grooves help you with better control
  • Customized grip at each end
  • Smooth finish
  • A standard shaft for middies


  • heavy
  • Not suitable for kids or beginners

A Brief History of Lacrosse Game

The game of Lacrosse was introduced by Native American Indians about 4000 years ago. Players on that time used wood sticks, slender twigs in trees as lacrosse sticks and as balls, they used enemy skulls, deerskin or pieces of wood or clay stones etc. Like everything else, the lacrosse game is slowly changing.

Players use helmets to protect themselves, as well as plastic or steel attack shaft as sticks and solid rubber balls as balls. Man’s lacrosse ball is typically white where for women it is yellow. But now a variety of colours are produced.

Are Lacrosse Shafts for Attacks and Middies the same?

Short Answer: Absolutely not

If you already have an idea about this, you can skip this part and jump to the next topic.

Lacrosse shafts for attacks and middle are not the same. Usually, the shaft length for the middies is longer than that of attacks. The shaft size for the middies should be somewhere between 37 inches to 42 inches where for attacks it should be in between 30 inches to 32 inches.

The weight balance of the lacrosse shaft for middies should be lighter with maximum control and accurate shots. Because, the playing style of middies, defence and attacks are not the same.

The size may also vary in the perspectives of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) or high school level. In our article, we basically focused on the lacrosse shaft for middies.

How to choose a women’s lacrosse stick?

Women are not stepping behind in playing lacrosse. They are doing well just like a man or sometimes even better than man. This part is dedicated to Kyra Bednarski, one of the greatest elite player.

Before choosing a lacrosse stick for a woman, you should consider some factors like the size, grip, weights and length. Women, in general, are shorter and weaker than man. So, Choosing long and light-weighted lacrosse will help them have better control. Besides, a strong grip in the shaped Handle is a must as women’s hands are softer than man by nature.

  • Firstly, a lacrosse stick is different for beginners and experienced players. So you should choose the attack shaft in accordance with your experiences of playing.
  • Women’s lacrosse balls are made of yellow in colour previously but there is no restriction for officially.
  • Dimension is one of the most important factors. For a perfect ball control, the perfect dimension of lacrosse shaft is a must. You should carefully choose the dimension according to her height and strength.
  • The length of women’s lacrosse stick is around 35 inches to 44 inches and 7 to 9 inches in wide. It is totally up the height of the player.
  • There is a rule that no mesh is allowed on women’s lacrosse sticks.
  •  For women, the weight ratio should be a little different from man. Stick should be light-weighted.
  • Lacrosse Equipment must be best in quality and it would be great if the shaft is made of advanced composite materials.
  • Check durability and stability of the setting of nets of the lacrosse stick
  • If you are a beginner, then a high quality plastic handle is more preferable than a wooden or aluminium stick.
  • Soft coat based grip can help you have better control and maximum control over your hand movements. Grip position is a crucial thing to consider before buying. Some women prefer diamond grip as it is stylish and super grippy.
  • Be careful while choosing lacrosse head and pocket types.
  • Among alloy and composite, choose composite shafts

How long is a lacrosse shaft?

It can be differentiated based on position as well as gender and size.

For Attacks: 30 to 32 inches

For Middies: 37 to 42 inches

For Man :40 to 42 inches

For women: 35.5 to 43.25 inches

For kids: 26-60 inch long shaft

The length of the lacrosse shaft must be perfect for flawless and better performance of a player. Lacrosse shaft size depends on the age, height and gender of the player. For adult players, it should be 40 inches to 42 inches. For women around 35.5 inches to 43.25 inches. Many kids love to play lacrosse so 26 inches to 60 inches long shafts are useful for kids.

lacrosse stick dimension and length rules

Length of lacrosse sticks depends on whether the player is adult or kid with their heights and obviously their position on the playground. Although we are focused on the best lacrosse shaft for middies, we have made our chart for the players of all position. There are some specific rules to decide the lengths of lacrosse sticks.

The length with position and age are shortly given below in a table :

PositionLength (Adult)Length(Youth)
Attack40-42 inches36-42 inches
Midfield40-42 inches36-42 inches
Defense52-72 inches37-72 inches
Goalie40-72 inches40-72 inches

How to cut a lacrosse stick?

You have learned from the previous section what the length of lacrosse should be according to a player’s age and position. However, for many reasons it may need to cut the lacrosse stick to match their height or for ease of play. For this, you have to know how to cut a lacrosse stick. You will need some tools to cut the lacrosse stick first such as:

  • A Lacrosse Shaft 
  • Tape Measure which length is large than your lacrosse stick
  • Marker for mark
  • Sharp Blade
  • Bench &
  • Sand Paper

After gathering  these tools, the following steps should be followed to cut perfectly.

Step 1: First of all, you have to decide how long it will be according to your height and the advantage of the game. You have to measure it very well with measurement  tape without its head. 

Step 2: After that you have to mark the back with a marker. Instead of markers you can use scotch tape for marking. It’s important because if you make a little mistake, the stick  will become unsuitable for playing. 

Step 3:You must choose the right place to cut. Because if the cutting place is uneven or  high and low, it cannot be cut properly.

Step 4:Then the cutting step. With a small teeth sharp blade, carefully cut through the marked area. 

Step 5:Finally, the uneven edges should be smoothed by the sandpaper  so that they do not cause any pain or discomfort to the hands.

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