What to Wear When Working Out at the Gym | Complete Guides


Health is wealth. To become healthy and keep your body fit, you should exercise or work out at the gym regularly. You can boost up the level of efficiency and effectiveness of your exercises simply by wearing some suitable and gym friendly clothes. The regular clothes are not perfect for the gym, because they will not let your body parts move freely and properly. So, what should you wear for the gym or for simple home exercises?

You should wear something flexible and breathable like yoga pants and a T-shirt, special synthetic shorts for the gym, etc. 

Proper workout clothes improve your overall performance to reach your fitness goal. Outfit for gym during exercise mainly depends on the gender, instrument type, season, height, weight, etc. 

In this article, let’s get a complete idea about the selection of workout clothes properly.

For male

What to Wear When Working Out at the Gym
  • Choose a lightweight sweatshirt or t-shirt: A cotton t-shirt or sweatshirt can be the best choice for a man to wear at the gym for a workout. Alternately, you can wear a tank if you are doing a heavy workout to build up your muscles. A tank will show off your arms, you and your instructor can see the workout result easily. 

Whatever you choose to wear among them, they should be comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Always try to choose hot weather fabric made clothes like cotton, nylon, Polyester as they are sweat-wicking as well as won’t restrict your motion range.

  • Wear shorts or sweats: You can go for either running shorts or training shorts as your workout clothes. Be aware of the length of shorts as it should not be more than an inch below the knees. Sweats can be an alternative for shorts.

Make sure that it will be able to give you a full range of motion and won’t restrict your comfortable movements. Materials can be Polyester or nylon as they are sweat-wicking.

  • Choose appropriate and comfortable footwear: Some people don’t give attention to their shoes. But it’s the most considerable factor when you are working at the gym.

Shoe selection depends on the types of workout with proper protection and support to your feet and legs. Also, it should be comfortable, right-sized, and able to absorb sweats properly.

For female

What to Wear When Working Out at the Gym
  • Choose a flexible and comfortable t-shirt or tank-top: To choose suitable clothes for the top when working at the gym, as a female you can wear flexible cotton t-shirts or tank tops. Loose t-shirts or tank tops are more comfortable and breathable during work out.

As your body will get hot and sweaty during a workout, try to select hot weather fabric ( cotton, nylon, polyester) made clothes as they are mostly designed for wicking sweat.

For females, the importance of wearing a proper sized sports bra during a workout is beyond description. It will give you a comfortable feeling as well as enhance your performance efficiency.

  • Pick your bottom wear: Make sure that you can perform a full range of motion and leg workouts comfortably with your bottom wear. You can wear any flexible gym shorts with an elastic waistband or sweatpants.

Track pants, hiking pants, and yoga pants can be useful and comfortable for the gym also. Whatever you wear among them, select as it should be able to absorb your sweat during a workout.

  • Wear appropriate shoes: Shoe selection varies upon the types of exercise and instruments. Try to avoid open-toed shoes. Always select shoes for gym workout that can give proper comfort and support to your feet and legs. Running shoes are a good option for almost all gym exercises.

Other supporting accessories

  • Wear breathable and light-weighted socks: Wearing cotton and flexible socks when working at the gym is a good practice for both men and women.

You can wear either short socks or long socks. It’s totally up to you. Long socks absorb sweats more but short socks are more comfortable and flexible. Socks should not be too tight or too loose to maintain the regular flow of blood circulation.

  • Carry a towel: When working out at the gym, you should carry a clean and soft fabric towel to wipe your sweat away as you will sweat a lot during a workout. And do not share your towel with anybody else, this is unhygienic and there will be a chance of sharing germs also.
  • Ankle, palm, knee, elbow support: When you work out at the gym, you need some more supporting accessories with proper top/bottom wear and shoes. To protect your palm from injuries, you can wear good quality hand gloves.

Ankle support shoes can choose if you are doing heavy workouts.

Knee and elbow also need support when you are working at a gym like an elliptical workout

Try to carry these supporting accessories when you are working at the gym.

Seasonal gym wear

You should change your gym outfits with the change of season. In summer, you should wear hot weather fabric made clothes like nylon, polyester or cotton, etc. These are more comfortable and flexible than any other fabrics to wear at the gym during the summer season.

In the winter season, take some extra wear to cover your base layer, mid and outer layer. Wicking material and tight-fitting outfits are the best to keep your body warm and dry during a workout. Also use a sweatshirt, hoody, gloves for better protection. It’s a good habit to use adjustable cuffs, and collars to keep you warm.

Now we guarantee that you have no confusion about the selection of what to wear when working out at the gym. And last but not least is drinking the right amount of water to hydrate your body as you grow a huge amount of sweat during a workout. 

If you maintain and wear clothes in the proper way, it will enhance your confidence as well as improve your performance to reach your cherished fitness goal.