Is Spinning a good way to lose weight

Is Spinning a good way to lose weight?

It is so evident that nowadays, people are more interested in losing weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve health.  According to statistics and facts, almost half of the adults in America make an effort to lose weight. Besides dieting, exercise is a popular way to lose some extra pounds.

If you don’t want to get affected by the jarring impact of a Treadmill on the back or get stress on the hip and ankle joint, then there is a solution for you. You can use a spin bike to lose weight that is an anaerobic exercise. Now, you may have a question inside you, Is Spinning a good way to lose weight?

Well, the answer is yes. It can give you both endurance and cardiovascular benefits. So, if it sounds interesting to you then you can keep reading the following article and find out the way of Spinning that truly is beneficial to lose weight.

Is Spinning better than running?

Short Answer: It depends

The number of calories you burn by any exercise mainly depends on the intensity and length of your exercise. Research shows that you can burn up to 1000 calories over a course of 1 hour of spinning where you will be able to burn up to 557 calories with a six miles per hour of race.

Running can help you lose weight but it also makes some extra pressure on the joints and has a great chance of injury. But spinning is a little different here. Spinning will not give you that stress on the knee and other joints as running.

Running is a great exercise as you don’t need any cost, gym equipment or any other things like that. But the problem is, its not possible to manage time to run, besides you may have no park or empty road to run or walk. On top of all, running is a good exercise for people with bad knees. It creates extra pressure on our knee. You may suffer from Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) with heavy running.

On the other hand, spin bike is amazing equipment for indoor exercise. You don’t have to think about time or space to run. It is super easy to perform and really fun exercise. For the people with knee pain, spin bike can be a great solution as you can do low impact exercise without putting weight on your knee. But doing spinning seasons by standing is not recommended for them.

It is clinically proved that a slow and gradual spin class will improve your knee condition.

How much weight can you lose Spinning for a month?

Short Answer: 400 to 600 of calories per session

Its tough to say it exactly how much weigh you actually can lose, because there are factors behind this like:

  • The intensity of your workout (high intensity low intensity)
  • The duration
  • The frequency

P.S. high duration in a single session can burn more calories than a frequent spin class with lower duration.

Spinning is a high-intensity exercise and you easily can lose your weight if you spin in the right way. Spinning exercises will help burn your fat in between 400 to 600 calories per session.

It takes almost 3500 calories to gain a pound. So, if a session lasts for at least 45 minutes, you can lose more than one pound per week through spinning, which is not bad at all. If you have a question like how many miles you cover on spinning, can read this article.

How many times a week should I spin?

Short Answer: 3 to 5 days a week

Generally, instructors recommend exercising with your spin bike 3 to five times a week. But it is up to your capabilities and urges to a greater extent. For the beginners, it is not recommended to exercise with your spin bike more than three times a week.

You can increase the number gradually. Before spinning, don’t forget to do some warm-up exercise. It will prepare your body and mind for a heavy exercise.

How to burn more calories in spin class ? 

Here are some techniques for you to burn more calories in spin class:

  1. Physically and mentally prepare yourself before the spin class.
  2. Make sure your posture is right. If it is not right it can affect your total calorie burn.
  3. Push yourself to test your limit. If you don’t challenge yourself hard enough, you may lose resistance and commit to slow down riding.
  4. Don’t hold your breath when you are spinning. Make sure you are giving your muscle energy.
  5. Make a personalized meal plan and don’t exceed the limit of a certain amount of carbohydrate.
  6. Avoid eating more than needed and eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits.  
  7. Choose whole grain and sustainable seafood sources.
  8. Drink a lot of water.

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8 week spinning weight loss Program

If you set a target to lose weight maintaining a proper schedule, it will be more effective. Having a strategic plan is always great than without having. It will create a pressure inside your mind that you have a few days left to accomplish your goal.

We have make a 8 week spinning challenge to lose weight. Maintaining this properly you surely will be able to lose weight.

Here is a well scheduled plan of 8 weeks that you can follow:

1st week: 20 minutes daily for two days in a week

2nd week: 30 minutes daily for three days in a week

3rd week: continue like week 2 with a healthy diet

4th week: continue as week 3 and take soup, egg, salmon and salad etc.

5th week: 45 minutes daily for three days in a week and take grilled food, fish and nuts etc.

6th week: continue as week 5 with high intensity and take lean bacon toast, salad                      and low-fat yoghurt etc. 

7th week: continue as week 5 and take meat and vegetables etc.

8th week: continue as week 5 and take rice, fruits and vegetables etc.

Is it bad to do spin class every day?

Spinning daily can give you a magical result of losing weight and make your body in shape. But, aggressive spin workout daily is not good for your health.

Spinning is an intense cardio workout but taking it every day can be crucial for your body. If you do spinning every day, it can tense up your mussel and give you a lower back injury. So, you can spin 3-4 days in a week. You can increase the duration and number of days slowly and gradually. Your body will get fit for it.

Finally, spinning is a fun exercise by which you can burn your calories easily. It improves your cardio health and doesn’t give stress to your joints. It is a stress reliever also. So, what do you think, is spinning is a good way to lose weight?


Spinning is mainly an anaerobic exercise which is energetic and effective to shave off your unwanted fats and calories. It is gaining popularity day by day because it throws a challenging experience to burn more calories and stress relief. You can do it in both indoor and outdoor and also in any weather.

Spinning has so many benefits. Such as you can get a good bit of muscle control, increase cardiovascular capacity, good resistance and balance, fitness longevity and so on. Spinning is better than many other exercises and doesn’t harm your joints and tendon health and doesn’t give you injuries.

It will enhance your core fitness and your mental strength. You can take a spin class 3-4 days in a week and that’s enough for your body.


Spinning is a fun exercise by which you can burn your calorie easily. It improves your cardio and doesn’t give stress to your joints. It is a stress reliever too. It develops positive energy and “can-do “attitude in yourself. When you spin, there are good days or bad. It develops mental strength to push through difficult times and drive away stress and anxiety. No matter how frustrated you are, it will bring some motivation in you which is going to support and improve your mental health. 

So, what do you think, is spinning a good way to lose weight? Hope you have the answer now

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