How much time on stationary bike to lose weight?

how many miles on stationary bike to lose weight?

Exercising with a stationary bike is one of the most effective exercises for losing extra weight. The very first question that may to your mind is, how many miles on a stationary bike to lose weight? If you have the same question going on in your mind, then you are just in the right place. Here, you will also learn about the proper duration of miles per day on your exercise bike, calories per mile you will lose, your intensity level, and all other crucial things you need to know before buying. 

Enough for introduction, now let’s face the ultimate question. 

how many miles on stationary bike to lose weight?

On average, five miles (8 KM almost) of stationary biking can help you accomplish your weight loss goals without harming your health. 

Now, some of you may have a little confusion with the word “without harming your health”. Let me clarify it.

We know nothing is good when excessive. If you do extremely hard-working cycling with your stationary bike to have a weight loss overnight, that can lead you to a serious physical problem like injuries and cause calorie deficit. 

On the other hand, super slower paces will not help you beat for weight loss.

We find it very effective to have five miles of exercise at a steady pace with average speed, to have a visible result. 

how much time on stationary bike to lose weight?

Now you may have this question going on your mind. Let’s first share recommendations by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

They recommend that every adult should have a minimum of 150 minutes of regular exercise at a moderate pace for having a healthy life. But this is not for those who are aiming at losing weight. With this aim, you have to perform 300 plus minutes of moderate exercises. 

how many miles on stationary bike to lose weight

So, make of an exercise routine of five days a week with a minimum of 60 minutes per day with your indoor exercise bike like an elliptical machine. Your total time per week of exercise will be around five hours. Trust me, you will be surprised with the result of the burning of calories per day. 

According to Harvard Health Publication, you can burn up to 13 calories for every single minute of the workout. 

Time schedule of cycling

We already know how much exercise with the stationary bike we need to lose weight. So let’s make a plan. 

As our target is 60 minutes per day, we can split it into three separate sessions. 20 minutes is allowed for every single session. You can make it 25 if you have that capability. 

The first session is in the morning, second, is in the afternoon and the third one is at night. Our plan is 5 days per week. But if you want, you can utilize the whole week for dramatic results of your weight loss. 

Remember one thing. Losing weight totally depends on burning calories and burning calories depends on the intensity of your exercise. If you spend the whole 20 minutes with a slow-cycling, it gives you a slow weight loss. On the other hand, a fast and hard cycling exercise will give you a dramatic result. 

Times of cycling VS miles covered 

As you are going to perform indoor cycling, you are supposed to have an idea about the times rather than miles. But relating time to a mile is super simple. We are not going to give exact calculations, but an assumption. 

With 60 minutes of moderate cycling, you can cover 12 miles. So, you simply can cover 60 miles per week ( 5days/week) and burn your calories too fast. 

Other benefits of stationary bike exercise

Stationary bike exercises will not only help losing weight but also in so many ways. So, aiming at weight loss, you will also be benefited from a bunch of benefits. Without any further delay, let’s face it.

  • It improves our cardiovascular fitness
  • Make our muscle flexible and strong
  • Make our body shape and posture better
  • Improve the strength of bones
  • Help burn extra fat from our body
  • Reduce stress and depression level
  • Boost immune system
  • Great exercise for diabetes patients
  • Cycling is a good exercise for cancer patients especially for clone and breast cancer
  •  For those who are suffering from bone injuries, cycling exercises can give you a quick recovery

You may become surprised, why we explain these benefits where you just asked: “How much time on stationary bike to lose weight”? We tried to give our best to you. These benefits will influence you by motivating you to lose weight. 

how to make your bike a stationary bike? 

These questions come repeatedly. You may have a bike but now it is useless but functional. So, how to make your bike a stationary bike? 

Yes, it is possible and not so tough. For that, you need to buy a stand and it will turn your outdoor bike to an indoor stationary bike. Also, you can turn it to an outdoor anytime, by just removing the stand. 

We have an article on the stationary bike stand with lots of market research and study. You also can read our popular article on rowing machines. Don’t miss it. 

In this video, You will find an step by step tutorial. Hope you will find it helpful. 

best budget spin bike

Choosing the best spin bike with a lower budget is not an easy task. There are hundreds of brands and models. Some are expensive but not good with quality and some are the super quality of lower price. 

We have to make reviews of some very high-quality spin bikes under 500. I hope you will like it. 

best stationary bike for physical therapy-Top 5| 2020


  • When taking exercises, always remember a thing, we are human, not robots. So, always try what your body wants to say to you. Take rest when your body can’t take any extra efforts, and do extra exercises if your body says so. 
  • If you feel somehow uneasy in your joints of the leg or any other parts of your body, just stop cycling. Sometimes it may cause serious injuries if you do not stop on time. If you feel little pain in the joints, you can use a heating pad to have an immediate remedy. 
  • Take enough water during exercise. Take fresh fruit juice if possible. But whatever you drink, drink it slowly. 
  • Always start with some warmup exercises. It will make your body prepare for a heavy stationary bike exercise. 
  • Check your cycle carefully and make sure that it is okay to exercise. It will help you prevent serious injuries caused by defected equipment. 
  • Take care of your stationery. Oil it’s bearing and other moving parts to ensure a smooth and flexible movement. Never wash it with water flow. Water will damage the sensitive parts of that cycle. 
  • Were gloves to have an extra grip on your hand, especially if you have a sleepy hand. And use your creepy sports sneakers for the same reason. 

On the way to answer a simple single question, How much time on “stationary bike to lose weight” we have discussed a lot about so many other things. I don’t know how you take it, but trust me, all I did to help you. 

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